Fundamental Policy for Sustainable Procurement

Kewpie Group Fundamental Policy for Sustainable Procurement

Formulation of Basic Policy

With our insistence on the highest quality materials based on our conviction that “good products begin with good ingredients,” the Kewpie Group has always strived to create products that ensure customers’ safety and peace of mind. However, it is a requirement of good materials and essential for our customers’ peace of mind that we take into account not only the safety of products but also their impact on the environment and human rights. To ensure the stable procurement of these better materials, we must work closely together with our suppliers. We believe that this will both enhance the sustainability of our suppliers and ourselves and enable us to continue providing good products to our customers.

Basic Policy

  • We will conduct all trade in compliance with the law and in conformity with international rules and norms while taking strong measures against corrupt practices.
  • We will engage in fair and ethical trade and use appropriate procedures in managing confidential information and intellectual property.
  • We will protect human rights and refrain from discriminatory language or conduct, inhumane treatment, or any involvement in human-rights abuses.
  • We will respect the labor rights of employees, adopting sound labor practices and providing a safe and clean work environment.
  • We will work to prevent pollution and environmental degradation at the local and global levels through the sustainable use of resources.
  • We will seek to minimize impacts on the ecosystem with a view to securing sustained access to safe, high-quality ingredients.
  • We will contribute actively to support the sustainability of the local communities where our ingredients are produced.
  • We will encourage our suppliers to adopt the foregoing policies.
  • We will report publicly on the progress of the foregoing policies as appropriate.
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