Customer Service Office

We value customer opinions and requests. Our Customer Service Office aims to respond promptly, accurately, and sincerely to feedback, and strives to satisfy each and every customer. The helpline also serves as a conduit for fully understanding customers’ views and sharing them within the company, where they help us to improve our products and services.

Voluntary Declaration of Consumer-Oriented Management

The Kewpie Group makes every effort to earn the utmost trust of our stakeholders, including our customers.

Systems for Acting on Customer Feedback

Inquiries and Comments to the Customer Helpline

Inquiries and Comments to the Customer Helpline

*Does not include the number of voluntary recalls of the Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing in FY2017, Arrange Plus in FY2019, and the carbonara pasta sauce in FY2020.

Fiscal 2020 Nature of Inquiries

Acting on Customer Feedback

Every day we receive customer comments and requests that help us to review our products. Sharing this feedback within the company leads to improved products and services.

  1. 1Creating Customer Feedback Databases

    Depending on content, customer feedback is categorized as either a comment or an inquiry, and fed into our databases.

  2. 2Listening to and Analyzing All Feedback

    Our staff listen to all feedback and analyze it before sharing the information with relevant departments. Points requiring improvement are submitted for discussion.

  3. 3Discussing Proposals in the Customer Feedback Committee

    The Customers’ Opinion Committee, led by the head of the Quality Assurance Division, holds regular meetings that are attended by leading members from various departments, including the Customer Consultation Office. The meetings review and approve matters that require improvements.

  4. 4Examining Improvements in Development Departments

    R&D and product development departments examine products to be improved from various angles to determine direction and design.

  5. 5Trialing in Research Departments

    Our research departments collaborate with experts and container manufacturers to repeatedly trial and test improved products. They report progress to the Customer Feedback Committee and confirm that improvements respond to customer feedback.

  6. 6Launching New Products

    Once ease of product use and clarity of labelling have been rigorously checked, the new product that has been improved by customer feedback is ready for launch.

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