Rules for Making Safe Products

To manufacture safe and reliable products, our factories not only have rules for clothing and entry procedures, but also measures to prevent malicious contamination.

Clothing Rules

Employees must change into the designated clean work clothes when entering production zones. Caps are double-layered and hems are tucked inside work clothes. The work clothes are tightened in two places in the sleeve, waist, and hem portions so that they catch any hairs that may fall.

Entry Procedures

1. Run an adhesive roller from head to foot for at least 40 seconds to remove any hairs or other foreign matter.

2. Wash hands for at least 30 seconds before drying.

3. Disinfect hands with alcohol-based handwashing.

4. Remove dust and other particles in air shower before entering production zone.

Food Defense

We take measures to prevent malicious contamination based on the following fundamental policies:

  • 1.Only authorized persons are permitted to enter production zones.
  • 2.Pranks are not permitted.
  • 3.Food safety can be proven after production.
  • +We value dialogue with employees

Malicious Contamination Prevention Measures: Examples

1.Controlled Entry to Production Zones
Entry is controlled through precautions including a passcode and vein authentication to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

2.Key Controls for Chemical Stores and Outdoor Tanks
Lock-boxes for keys can only be opened with employee ID. Records are kept of when keys are taken out and returned, and by whom.

3.Security Cameras
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, cameras enable checking of production conditions at the time to prove safety and security.

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