Fundamental Policy

Fundamental Management Policy

As a corporate group specializing in “food,” an essential part of everyone’s livelihood, the Kewpie Group contributes to the food culture and health of the world through “great taste, empathy and uniqueness”. In promoting business and social activities, we continue to communicate the deliciousness and value of salads and eggs to customers around the world. Also, we would like to contribute to realize healthy dietary lifestyle and creating a rich food culture. All these efforts are supported by the blessings of nature. While contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, we will pass on a sustainable global environment to the next generation by working earnestly toward the effective use of resources and environmental conservation. The Kewpie Group has strength and uniqueness, and deeply engage in various scenes of “eating “, such as home-cooked meals, ready-made foods and restaurants, throughout the lifetime of people from infants to the elders. We will continue to cherish our Group Philosophy while making every effort to deliver products and services unique to the Kewpie Group.

Kewpie Group Philosophy, Vision and Corporate Message

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