Position Name Responsibilities
Chairman Amane Nakashima In charge of Brand
President Mitsuru Takamiya
Director, Executive Corporate Officer Ryota Watanabe In charge of Supply Chain Management
Director, Senior Corporate Officer Yoshinori Hamachiyo In charge of Innovation
Director, Senior Corporate Officer Shinichiro Yamamoto In charge of Corporate,Group Governance and Risk Management
Director, Senior Corporate Officer Shinya Hamasaki In charge of Retail Market Buisiness in general
Outside Director Shihoko Urushi
Outside Director Hitoshi Kashiwaki
Outside Director Atsuko Fukushima
Standing Corporate Auditor Hidekazu Oda
Standing Corporate Auditor Kyoichi Nobuto
Outside Corporate Auditor Kazumine Terawaki
Outside Corporate Auditor Mika Kumahira
Outside Corporate Auditor Akihiro Ito
Executive Corporate Officer Toshimasa Shirai In charge of Food Service Market Business in general
Senior Corporate Officer Masami Fujita In charge of IT Business Reform Promotion
Senior Corporate Officer Yuichi Terada Manager of Tokyo Branch
Corporate Officer Yoshifumi Imamura Senior General Manager of Quality Assurance Division
Corporate Officer Yoshimitsu Mori In charge of Public Relations, Kewpie Group Administration in general and Fukaya Terrace Project
Corporate Officer Seiji Iwata Senior General Manager of Food Service Division
Corporate Officer Atsushi Tagawa Senior General Manager of Household Division
Corporate Officer Kenji Maeda Senior General Manager of Logistics Division
Corporate Officer Yuko Kano General Manager of Intellectual Property Office
Corporate Officer Toshiya Ueda Senior General Manager of Production Division
Corporate Officer Mamoru Sawatari Manager of Osaka Branch
Corporate Officer Isao Isoyama Senior General Manager of Nationwide Sales Division
Corporate Officer Tomoyuki Kanemitsu Senior General Manager of Research Development Department
Corporate Officer Jun Higurashi In charge of Overseas Business in general; Senior General Manager of Overseas Division
Corporate Officer Takeshi Kitagawa Senior General Manager of Management Promotion Division
Corporate Officer Hiroyuki Shiino General Manager of Digital Promotion Office
Corporate Officer Takumi Tomita In charge of Accounting and Finance
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