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The Kewpie Group aims for sustainable growth while striving
to contribute to the development of a sustainable society

From its beginnings in 1919, Kewpie has acted on the core convictions of its founder, Toichiro Nakashima: a stubborn insistence on quality ingredients, summed up in the saying “good products begin with good ingredients,” and a total commitment to honesty and integrity as the cornerstone of a business engaged in the production and sale of food. Inspired by Nakashima’s innovative entrepreneurship as well as his high-minded principles, Kewpie gave the world Japan’s first packaged mayonnaise, salad dressing, and more.

The launch of Kewpie Mayonnaise in 1925, as the first packaged mayonnaise made and sold in Japan, was fueled by Nakashima’s desire to help the Japanese people build stronger bodies. Since then, building on the core mission of “contributing to society through food,” the Kewpie Group has pursued a wide range of commercial and non-commercial activities for the good of society and the global environment.

In recent years, the social and environmental problems facing the world have escalated and grown in complexity, even as the Japanese economy has matured. Amidst these challenges, we have revised the Kewpie Group’s Basic Approach to CSR to spotlight “sustainability” as the unifying principle driving our CSR activities.

We have also defined our CSR Priorities, drawing from the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) combining them with the Kewpie Group’s special strengths and unique attributes, and taking into account the scale of the impact the Group’s business has on society as well as our stakeholders’ expectations. By firmly upholding the business ethic summed up in our Corporate Motto and Principles—our invisible management resource—and extending it to all Group operations, we intend to address these priorities while building better relations with our stakeholders.

In 2019, Kewpie will celebrate its 100th anniversary and hopes to embark on its second century as the industry’s most recognized and trusted corporate group. As a leading company for salads and eggs (most notably mayonnaise and salad dressing), we aim to encourage positive environmental and social interaction by each and every Kewpie Group employee and have them engage in CSR activities with raised awareness.

Osamu Chonan
Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Corporate Officer
Kewpie Corporation

長南 収
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