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We aim to achieve sustainable growth by strengthening our business foundation for the next 100 years and helping to resolve social issues.

Osamu Chonan
Representative Director,
President and Chief Executive Corporate Officer
Kewpie Corporation

The Kewpie Group celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. Over the past year, we have hosted events for customers and other stakeholders to express our gratitude. With FY2020 marking the 101st year of Kewpie, we have kicked off our next 100 years in hopes of achieving the Kewpie Group 2030 Vision, a long-term vision created in 2019, as well as Our Ideal beyond that.

Founder Toichiro Nakashima aspired to improve the constitution and dietary habits of the Japanese and otherwise contribute to society based on food. Carrying on the founder’s ethos, we have set forth key issues and tangible Sustainability Targets to be addressed using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our point of reference, with an intent to contribute to global food and health based on the principles of “great taste, empathy, and uniqueness.”

For instance, in our effort to “Contribution to Extending Healthy Life Expectancy,” we have begun partnering with various local governments and other enterprises who share our belief that nutrition, physical activity and social participation are three elements crucial for healthy living.
Last year’s results for each of these Sustainability Targets were announced in the Notice of Convocation of the 107th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and in the Kewpie Group Integrated Report 2020. You can also visit our sustainability site for details.

Based on this shared philosophy, the entire Kewpie Group aims for sustainable growth over the next 100 years by helping to resolve social issues via our business activities.

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