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Top Message

We will transition to a structure that
realizes sustainable growth,
with an emphasis on the aspiration for
“love around the kitchen table.”

Osamu Chonan
Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Corporate Officer
Kewpie Corporation

Amid the significant changes taking place in the environment surrounding the Kewpie Group, we have formulated a four-year Medium-term Business Plan that starts in FY2021. The theme of the business plan is to “transition to a structure that realizes sustainable growth.” Our aim is to create a structure that remains steadfast even in the face of big changes.

In recent years, in addition to the drastic changes taking place in society and the natural environment, various issues are also arising in our lifestyles and the circumstances surrounding food. The entire Kewpie Group aims to address such challenges, and as such, we have set “Redoubling Efforts Involving Society and the Global Environment” as one of our management policies.
Furthermore, by using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our point of reference, we have established three material issues: “contributing to food culture and health,” “effective use and recycling of resources” and “deal with climate change.” We have set sustainability targets by creating indices for each initiative that we plan to undertake by 2030.
In terms of “contributing to food culture and health,” we will continue to support healthy dietary lifestyles suitable for each generation with vegetables and egg products so that everyone can remain healthy, in body and mind, throughout their lives.
We are also actively engaged in initiatives for the “effective use and recycling of resources.” We already recycle egg shells 100% and are now turning our focus to cabbages, which is the main ingredient of our packaged salads. We are aiming to ferment unused parts of the cabbage, such as its stems and outer leaves, and turn them into fertilizers and feed so that we can provide them to contract farmers.
In terms of “deal with climate change,” we are working to reduce CO2 emissions by revising our manufacturing process and transitioning to the use of renewable energy.

Founder Toichiro Nakashima aspired to “contribute to society through healthier dietary lifestyles.”
As successors of his will, we are committed to contributing to the food culture and health of the world through“great taste, empathy, and uniqueness.” At the same time, we will redouble our sustainability efforts so that we can leave a better society and natural environment to the children who will create the future.

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