Code of Ethics

Initiatives Rooted in the Code of Ethics

Guided by the corporate philosophy that draws on its Corporate Motto and Principles, Kewpie has put in place the Group Policies that embody the Group's commitment to earning the highest degree of trust from its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and society, who provide the underlying strength for all of its business activities.
As part of this, we have established ethical guidelines to follow in order to be an even better corporate citizen.
It is crucial that each and every employee, starting with our directors, understands the core of the Group Policies and faithfully adheres to them, leading to greater transparency and trust as a company.

Respect for the Law

For a company to survive and grow over the long term, each member of its workforce, from top executives down to rank-and-file employees, must not merely comply with the relevant laws and regulations but also conduct their business in accordance with high ethical standards. Inasmuch as our employees are key to the sustainable management of our business, it is also important to disseminate, inside and outside the Group, the basic principles governing their conduct and to link these with customer confidence as well as internal self-purification mechanisms. With these concepts in mind, we have developed a Group compliance management system and are taking concrete steps to ensure compliance among all employees of the Kewpie Group.

Promoting Compliance

In January 2004, we established the "Ethics and Conduct" as well as the Compliance Committee and a company-wide compliance system. This committee establishes compliance-related rules, identifies issues, and implements activities such as the Mind-Up Programs for employees.

・Awareness Survey for Employees

An awareness survey is conducted on all employees every other year to check awareness on compliance and listen to any opinions they may have as we strive to create a highly transparent and comfortable workplace.


We have set up a helpline as an internal reporting system, which serves as our Whistleblower Protection Act.
Reports and consultations received by external attorneys, third-party organizations, auditors, and more are investigated by the Compliance Committee, who then deal with violations, publicize them throughout the company, and implement measures to prevent recurrence.

Respect for Human Rights

We are striving to create a work environment without discrimination or harassment, where each and every director and employee respects human rights. The employee awareness survey has enabled us to work on investigating whether any violations of human rights have transpired. We will strive even harder in our commitment toward human rights throughout the entire value chain, as we are expected to understand the various human rights issues that emerge in developing business and act appropriately.

Fair and Sustainable Corporate Activities

To earn the trust of all our stakeholders, we comply with all laws associated with our corporate activities and act with good sense. We also engage in fair, free competition and work to build transparent and healthy relationships. We are dedicated to the “Quality First” principle, the same concept used in procuring raw materials, and are working to ensure that the environment and human rights within the supply chain are taken to account.

Creating a System for Compliance with the Competition Law (Antimonopoly Act / Subcontract Act)

The Kewpie Group complies with the Competition Law (Antimonopoly Act / Subcontract Act) as an initiative to practice fair and sound corporate activities.

Correspondence to the Antimonopoly Act
  • Publication of an Antimonopoly Act Compliance Manual and Case Studies and Q&A
  • Education and training on the Antimonopoly Act through e-learning and in-house seminars
  • Implementation of in-house training by lawyers at major overseas group companies
Correspondence to the Subcontract Act
  • Construction and operation of an ordering / payment system that complies with the Subcontract Act
  • Regular implementation of education and training on the Subcontract Act through e-learning and in-house study sessions
  • Preparation of "manual for the Subcontract Act", various formats of necessary documents such as purchase orders, and self-checklist of the Subcontract Act
  • Appointment of the Subcontract Act personnel in related departments, promotion of self-checks and voluntary improvement activities

Commitment to Information Security

The Kewpie Group has drawn up management manuals including regulations on the handling of corporate information and basic regulations for the protection of personal information. Under the direction of the Information Security Committee, we provide training for personnel involved in information management, conduct compliance and performance audits, and periodically review and update the regulations. We also work with our overseas offices to ensure that they have systems tailored to their countries' restrictions and IT environment and that their employees know and follow those procedures.

Rejection of Antisocial Forces

As a responsible member of Japanese society, the Kewpie Group abjures all ties with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of our society and pledges to deal resolutely with improper demands from such entities. We are working to educate Group personnel about these policies while sharing relevant information and concerns with police and other authorities. In addition, we have inserted a clause on the exclusion of antisocial forces in all our domestic business contracts.

Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces

As a responsible member of Japanese society, the Kewpie Group abjures all ties with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of our society and pledges to deal resolutely with improper demands from such entities. We have drawn up rules and procedures for dealing with antisocial forces and are conducting training at each level and e-learning to ensure employee compliance. We will make every effort to share relevant information and concerns with police and other authorities as needed.

Clause on the Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

The Kewpie Group includes a clause on the exclusion of antisocial forces in all its contracts with business partners. The clause provides for immediate termination of the contract in the event that the business partner is found to be an antisocial force or to have connections with antisocial forces.

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