Health-based Management and Occupational Health and Safety

Initiatives for Health-based Management

The Kewpie Group Health Statement

The Kewpie Group aims to be of benefit to society by supporting the health of the public through salads and eggs.
We believe that the development of our business and contribution to society will be achieved when all Kewpie Group employees enthusiastically engage in corporate activities.
We will continue to contribute to the public’s health through food and support our employees' and their families' health.

1. Improving People's Health Through Salads and Eggs

We will put forward dietary lifestyles that are tasty, enjoyable, and conducive to maintaining good health, by using the technologies we have attained through popularizing the food culture to eat vegetables as salads, and the promotion of highly nutritious egg menus.

2. Improving the Health of Employees and Their Families Through Self-care

In addition to supporting employees and their families in efforts to improve their own health, we will endeavor to raise awareness of health issues.

Health Management Promotion System

Priority Health Measures

Improvement of Lifestyle Habits

We aim to improve lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise, which are causes of lifestyle-related diseases.

Improvement of Cancer Screening Rates

Given the importance of the early detection and diagnosis of cancer, we promote cancer screening to improve the uptake rate in the company's health check.

Mental Health Measures

We work on mental health measures to create a workplace environment where employees can maintain their mental health and work enthusiastically.

Group-Wide Health Index "Comprehensive Mental and Physical Indicators"

By visualizing the physical and mental health status of employees through unique common indicators and accumulating data on a per-company basis, we promote efforts to change mindsets about health. Regarding mental indicators and health age, we notify individuals and provide feedback to supervisors on the health status of the organization.
This leads to both individuals and the organization moving in the same direction to make improvements in terms of lifestyle, workstyles, and the workplace environment.

Mental Indicators

The results of stress checks are divided into four levels (good, caution, high stress, and super red) and multiplied by the ratio of the number of people in each level to obtain an overall score (Kewpie Group's original index: 100 when all employees are in good condition).

Kenko Nenrei (Health Age)

This indicates the difference between an individual's health age, as calculated from the results of health checkups, and their actual age. (Kenko Nenrei is a registered trademark of JMDC Corporation.)

Group General Indicators

Workplace Performance Indicators

Average monthly overtime hours (per capita)
Average annual paid leave days used (per capita)

Lifestyle Indicators

Percentage of those who exercise regularly
Percentage of those who skip breakfast at least three times a week
Percentage of those who get enough sleep
Percentage of smokers

Indicators Related to Lifestyle-related Diseases

Percentage of those with a BMI of 25 or more
Percentage of those whose triglycerides are 150 mm/dl or higher
Percentage of those whose systolic blood pressure is 130 mmHg or higher
Percentage of those whose HbA1c is 5.6% or higher
Percentage of those subject to a metabolic syndrome
Percentage of those requiring specific health guidance

Mental Health-Related Indicators

Stress check implementation rate
High stress rates

Initiatives for Health Management

My Health Goals

In FY2021, more than 11,000 Group employees worked on "My Health Goals" to stay healthy during the year.
In FY2022, we will continue to promote health awareness among employees through the use of cards designed around the three pillars of nutrition, exercise, and social participation under the theme "Salad and Eggs to Support the Health of Every Individual."

Mental and Physical Health Interviews

"Health Interviews" have been conducted since FY2022. The senior management of Kewpie and Group companies issue health declarations, and in response, general affairs and labor relations employees have opportunities to listen to employees' concerns about their mental and physical health and provide support in cooperation with professionals depending on the situation.
The Kewpie Group is committed to improving the health of all employees through dialogue.

Health Improvement Campaign

The Kewpie Aohata Health Insurance Association runs the "Health Up Campaign" once a year to call for lifestyle improvements and to provide an opportunity for employees to review their lifestyle habits.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the campaign participation rate fell below 60% in FY2020, but recovered to 65% in FY2021, making it a large-scale event involving approximately two-thirds of the Group's employees.

Health-Conscious Meal Proposals

At business sites with company cafeterias, we collaborate with the cafeteria and regularly propose health-conscious meals.
To ensure a good balance of vegetables and protein, which are often missing, we offer a salad bar and eggs in addition to our regular menu items to improve the dietary habits of our employees.

*The salad bar is currently not available due to coronavirus.

February 1 "Frail Day" Event
Simultaneous Frailty Prevention Menu at two locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, namely, Shibuya and Sengawa.

Measures Against Smoking

To maintain and improve the health of Group employees, on April 1, 2020, we removed the on-site smoking areas at our two offices in Tokyo (Shibuya-ku and Chofu-city), making the entire site smoke-free. At the same time, we are working on creating work environments that are free of passive smoking at all of our offices, including those of our Group companies.
Since 2017 we have also been strengthening our support for employees who wish to give up smoking, and we are encouraging them to take up the challenge. For example, we subsidize co-pays for smoking cessation clinics and smoking cessation medication, and we are providing commemorative gifts to those who succeed in giving up smoking by themselves.

Cancer Screening Leave and Workplace Cancer Screening

In addition to regular health checkups for all employees, the Kewpie Group offers medical examinations and Kewpie Group's set of three examinations (gastric cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, and abdominal ultrasound examination) to employees aged 35 and above, and gynecological examinations (breast cancer screening and uterine cancer screening) to female employees aged 20 and above. These medical checkups are subsidized by the Kewpie Aohata Health Insurance Association.
Furthermore, to create an environment in which employees are more likely to undergo medical examinations, in FY2021, we began granting "medical examination leave" for employees to receive cancer examinations. In addition, we have started to provide group cancer examinations at workplaces using mobile screening vehicles.
We will promote various initiatives to achieve the Kewpie Group's target of an 80% health checkup rate.

From 2019: Gynecological cancer screening in the Tokyo metropolitan area
From 2021: Implementation of set of three medical examinations in the Tokyo metropolitan area
Start granting leave for medical examinations
Group cancer screenings in workplaces
From 2022: Expand to new areas sequentially

Group Analysis Using Stress Check Sheets

The Kewpie Group prepares stress check sheets (based on the results of stress checks) for analysis for the purpose of workplace improvement.
We strive to improve our workplaces to make them more comfortable for employees by comparing them with other offices and companies in the same industry and by identifying risk factors in each organization.

Image of stress check sheet

Health Management of Employees Stationed Overseas

As our international businesses expand, the number of employees stationed overseas is also increasing year by year.
To maintain the same standard of health management as employees stationed in Japan, those stationed overseas also receive a comprehensive medical check-up once a year and, if necessary, receive advice from nurses. Furthermore, we also provide mental health support by conducting interviews and stress checks three months into the employee’s work overseas.

Initiatives for Occupational Health and Safety

Approach to Occupational Health and Safety

At the Kewpie Group's production plants, safety officers, who report directly to the General Manager of the Kewpie Production Division, play a central role in our endeavors to create comfortable workplace environments, in which employees can spend a safe and healthy working life. We strive to prevent accidents and raise safety awareness mainly through the following actions.

1. Safety audits of all production plants (75 in Japan, 10 overseas)

2. Group Safety Meeting

3. Sharing of accident information horizontally across the Group

Group-Wide Preventive Safety Initiatives

The Kewpie Group has pursued preventive safety activities since 2004. Through the following three actions, we aim to lower risks to an acceptable level and to build a culture of Safety First.

1. Risk assessments

2. Education based on the Safety Education Manual

3. QBSS (Kewpie Blue-flag Safety Standards) inspections and rectification

Trends in Occurrence of Lost-time Workplace Accidents (tallied at end of April each year)

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
Lost-time accidents 17 24 13 12 17
Frequency rate*1 0.76 0.99 0.62 0.60 0.90
Severity rate*2 0.027 0.034 0.038 0.020 0.031

Kewpie Group Japanese plants

*1Frequency rate = Number of deaths and injuries from workplace accidents / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000,000

*2Severity rate = Number of work days lost / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000

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