Other Social Contribution Activities

QPeace Donation-Matching Scheme

The Kewpie Group introduced the QPeace donation-matching scheme in fiscal 2008 to encourage employees to donate to organizations addressing social issues. Recipient organizations are nominated by employees and decided by a selection committee made up of volunteers. In fiscal 2019 about 629 employees from 25 group companies participated in the scheme and donated to 14 social and environmental organizations dealing with children, the environment, and food. The scheme provides an opportunity for employees to take a greater interest in social issues.

How the QPeace Scheme Works

  • 1.Employees nominate organizations they would like to support. Project members, who are employee volunteers, screen nominations and select recipients with the assistance of the secretariat.
  • 2.Employees wishing to participate have donations deducted from their monthly remuneration in 100-yen units, and these donations go into the QPeace reserve.
  • 3.The company matches the sum of donations in the reserve.
  • 4.Donations are sent to each social/environmental organization.

Bellmark Campaign

The Bellmark campaign originated from the desire to provide an equal education for all children in a rich and prosperous environment.

Being sympathetic to the spirit of this campaign, the Kewpie Group has cosponsored the Bellmark educational aid foundation since its beginning in 1960 and cooperated in educational support activities for participating schools, etc.

We will continue to back this campaign, which supports a wide range of social education activities.

Kewpie Products and the Bellmark

Products displaying the Bellmark

Kewpie mayonnaise and dressings carry the Bellmark.

Easy-peel Bellmarks

On the Kewpie Tasty series, the Bellmark is positioned on the cap-seal of the dressing, making it easy to peel off along the perforations.

WFP “Red Cup Campaign”

The Kewpie Baby Food “Happy Recipes” series is participating in the United Nations food support organization, the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) “Red Cup Campaign,” and is donating part of its sales from products.
The Red Cup Campaign supports activities to deliver school lunches to children suffering from hunger around the world.
The campaign’s symbol is the red cup that is used as a container for school lunches.

Establishment of Endowed Research Department

On April 1, 2013, Kewpie established the “Food for Health” endowed research department at Ochanomizu University. This department conducts studies ranging from basic research on the roles and functions of food to developmental research into consumer applications, and aims to become a center for broad-based communication on the importance of food.
The Japanese diet is believed to be a factor behind Japan’s world-leading rank in tables of average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. Using Japanese food as a base, the endowed research department studies ways of searching for food ingredients that help prevent lifestyle diseases and identifying their mechanisms of action, and publishes its findings globally. It also suggests healthy dietary habits based on research outcomes and shares information through public seminars, etc.

Department name Food for Health
Location Industry-academia collaboration department, Ochanomizu University Academic Production
Endowment term April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2020 (7 years)
Research staff
  • Yoshimi Kishimoto, Endowed Research Department Associate Professor
  • Chie Taguchi, Endowed Research Department Lecturer
  • Kazuo Kondo, Visiting Professor
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