Contributing to Local Communities

The Kewpie Group, as a member of the local and international society, is promoting community-based sustainable activities. Through proactive engagement by employees, we are aiming to continue activities that contribute to the local region.

Community Ties

The Kewpie Group cooperates with local governments to resolve community issues.

Initiatives with Yamagata Prefecture

With the aim of revitalizing the region and improving the quality of life of its citizens, Kewpie in February 2019 signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Yamagata Prefecture focusing on promoting regional revitalization. The aim is to contribute to the Yamagata Sosei (Yamagata Creation) program through the effective use of the company’s resources as well as those of the prefecture.

Content of the comprehensive agreement for cooperation between Kewpie and Yamagata Prefecture

Kewpie and Yamagata Prefecture will work together on the following challenges facing local communities. The parties will cooperate on the study and implementation of specific measures.

Content of the agreement

  • 1.Matters related to the local production and consumption of Yamagata Prefecture agricultural products and the expansion of use
  • 2.Matters related to the promotion of health
  • 3.Matters related to the promotion of food education
  • 4.Matters related to efforts to alleviate childhood poverty
  • 5.Matters related to disaster prevention
  • 6.Other matters related to the promotion of the Yamagata Sosei program

Shibuya Ward Initiatives

In December 2016 Kewpie signed a Shibuya Social Action Partner agreement with the municipal government of Shibuya Ward. The aim of this comprehensive partnership agreement is work together to resolve community issues. Through this agreement, we will cooperate with Shibuya Ward on new initiatives and foster greater harmony with the local community.

Content of the Agreement

  • 1.Support to provide food education and resolve child poverty
  • 2.Support in the health promotion domain in a super-aging society
  • 3.Research and proposal of solutions to issues in the environmental domain (including food wastage)
  • 4.Support provision, planning, and development of communication initiatives to promote cultural and artistic endeavors
  • 5.Support for research and educational activities to achieve diversity
  • 6.Personnel exchange as part of human resource development and training programs

Initiative with the City of Hiroshima

With the aim of revitalizing the region and improving the quality of life of its citizens, Kewpie in March 2018 signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the City of Hiroshima focusing on promoting regional revitalization. The parties will work together to promote initiatives that make the most effective use of the resources of Kewpie and the City of Hiroshima.

As part of the agreement, Kewpie and the City of Hiroshima will work together to promote the local production and consumption of six large leafy vegetables grown nearby, as well as to increase the daily intake volume of vegetables by the area residents.
As part of PR activities aimed at expanding the consumption of local agricultural products in the City of Hiroshima, Kewpie is promoting at mass retailer tastings and menu proposals so that customers can best enjoy the delicious seasonal vegetables.

Details of the agreement

  • 1.Matters related to promoting local production and consumption
  • 2.Matters related to increasing the consumption of vegetables
  • 3.Matters related to improving health
  • 4.Matters related to the promotion of food education
  • 5.Matters related to disaster prevention

Hiroshima Prefecture Initiatives

Aohata Corporation entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with the Hiroshima prefectural government in 2013. Under the partnership agreement it has engaged in a wide range of initiatives, including development of original local products (the Setouchi brand), tourism promotion, improvement of services for local residents, promotion of efforts to revitalize the regional economy, health promotion, food education, and enhancement of regional safety and security.

Content of the Agreement

  • 1.Promotion of the Setouchi brand and local products
  • 2.Tourism promotion and dissemination of prefectural government information
  • 3.Educational and cultural promotion
  • 4.Health promotion and food education
  • 5.Environmental measures and recycling
  • 6.Regional safety and security
  • 7.Support for people with disabilities
  • 8.Child-raising support
  • 9.Other efforts to enhance services for residents and invigorate regional society

Products registered under the Setouchi trademark

Initiatives in Fukushima Prefecture

Runs a social contribution program on the theme of "Smiles at Fukushima dinner tables!", which goes beyond existing “Mayonnaise Classes” to focus on building a cycle of local consumption of vegetables produced in Fukushima and using that cycle to create new eating scenarios.

Regional Clean-up Activities

We carry out voluntary clean-up activities in the areas around all of our facilities. Kewpie employees also take part in regular clean-ups of local riversides and shopping precincts.

Educational Support Activities by Group Companies in Japan

As part of its educational support activities, Aohata Corporation delivers presentations and lectures and runs jam-making training in high schools and universities, as well as accepting student interns to provide them with a better understanding of the importance and challenges of work. Donations from Aohata have also formed the basis for establishing the Aohata Scholarship Fund in Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture, where the company’s head office is located. This grant scheme awards scholarships to two new students each year.

Regional Contribution Activities by Overseas Group Companies

At Kewpie Thailand (KEWPIE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.), 2% of profits are budged for carrying out activities along the three themes of “the Environment,” “Support for Children,” and “Community Contribution.” This also is in-line with the Saha Group’s corporate policy, our local joint venture. For environmental activities, we are reducing environmental impact through operating solar power systems, recycling water, and promoting the use of biomass fuels, as well as continuously implementing tree-planting activities to retain sources of water. (FY2019: 11,000 trees) In terms of support for children, we provide tuition support for the children of employees, and are maintaining and installing sanitary facilities such as canteens, toilets, and drinking water at local elementary schools. Also, for community contribution, our activities include support for the improvement of living environments in partnership with health authorities, support for daycare centers, volunteer cleaning activities by employees, composting waste residue and distributing this to local residents, and the donation of medical equipment.

Tuition support activities

Waste-derived compost

Water facilities

Maintenance of water facilities

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