Initiatives Toward a Society Focusing on Dietary Education

As a corporate group that manufactures and sells foods essential to people’s lives, Kewpie aims to contribute to healthy and enriching lifestyles.

We engage in social contribution activities to operate in greater harmony with local communities, chiefly by continuing for a long period of time, helping numerous people, and maintaining strong community ties.

Primarily by working together with local governments and regional NGO and NPO organizations, we strive for improved harmony with society and the local community and aim to bring about an improved society through food.

Material issue:
Contributing to food culture and health(Mental and physical health support for children)

Sustainability Targets

Number of children’s smiles via our activities(Cumulative since FY2019)

FY2021Target: At least200,000 FY2024Target:At least400,000 FY2030Target:At least 1 million

FY2020Results:177,000 children


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