Initiatives for Work Style Reform and Work-Life Balance

Approach to Work Style Reform and Work-Life Balance

The Kewpie Group is pursuing the realization of a work-life balance through work style reform that will enable all of our employees to grow and lead rich lives.

Work style reforms

Beginning in fiscal 2017, each department has worked to set goals aimed at improving productivity and creating an environment in which it is easy to work as part of the company’s “Work Style Reform Challenge Activities.”

Basic measures at Kewpie (objectives set according to individual division’s circumstances)

  • Set no-overtime days
  • Meetings to finish by 5:00 p.m.
  • Do not make in-house inquiries after 5:00 p.m.
  • Total lights-out of office

Along with these basic measures, such as setting times for all lights in the office to be turned off, other measures, such as the introduction of flex-time and work-from-home, that suit the circumstances of each workplace have also been implemented, fostering an awareness and culture of the efficient use of time. As a result of these measures, overtime hours have been reduced by about 20% compared to 2016.

Flexible work styles

We are promoting the effective use of time using flexible working hours and staggered work shifts, and promoting work styles where work is not confined to a particular place and can be conducted at a satellite office or via telecommuting.
To advance this, we are improving facilities, including by installing video conferencing equipment or by loaning personal computers to those at satellite offices.

Improvement of office productivity

We are pursuing a range of initiatives to improve office productivity, including raising the quality of meetings, offering study sessions for computer skills, and sharing success stories among departments. To raise the quality of meetings, we are scrutinizing content and shortening meeting times, while also working to further improve their effectiveness by posting the Five Commandments of Meetings, which include passing out materials in advance, in the meeting rooms.

Birth and parenting assistance initiatives

At Kewpie Corporation headquarters, production plants, and branches, employees returning to work after caring for children attend seminars and interviews with their supervisors before their return. We have also promoted the taking of parental leave by men, with 74.1% of male employees with new babies taking advantage of parental leave in fiscal 2019.

Parental leave guide

Child-rearing support website

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