Initiatives for Respect for Human Rights

Policy for Respect for Human Rights

As the Kewpie Group, we recognize that all aspects of our business activities may, directly or indirectly, affect human rights. Therefore, to respect the human rights of all the people involved in our business, we have established the Kewpie Group Human Rights Policy.
To realize our corporate motto, “RAKU-GYOU-KAI-ETSU,” it is essential that we respect human rights. The directors and employees working at the Kewpie Group act with responsibility so that they do not negatively affect or indirectly violate human rights. We strive to create environments in which everyone can work with a sense of safety and fulfillment. We also hope our suppliers and business partners will likewise abide by this policy, and we will encourage them to do so.

Human rights management structure

To face the wide-ranging human rights issues across the whole Kewpie Group, we have set up a consulting and reporting helpline to discover and correct violations within the internal control system. In the case of violations, we take preventative measures after consulting with the department responsible. Based on the idea of respecting human rights, we have conducted activities for employees to raise their awareness regarding various types of harassment and conduct training for management with the aim of harassment prevention.

Respect for the human rights of employees

Employees of various nationalities are working at the Kewpie Group. We are aiming for a workplace environment where all employees respect human rights without discrimination and harassment. Every two years, we carry out an "Employee Awareness Survey" for all employees. The objective of which is to ascertain awareness and understanding of compliance and the review of job satisfaction and considerations of corporate social responsibility. Employees are given feedback on the results of the survey. We also identify the existence of human rights violations and roadblocks for the complete permeation of compliance, and reflect this in e-learning and employee training programs.

Helpline operation

  • In FY2019, there were 38 reports or consultations to the helpline.
  • They were mainly reports/consultations concerning harassment and some were regarding deficiencies in workplace support.
    There were no reports regarding fraud.
  • Our response is to investigate the facts, if there are violations, to take countermeasures, consult with the department responsible about prevention measures, then implement said measures. In cases that are not considered violations, but there is inappropriateness in behavior or response, we aim to correct the situation using warnings, thus improving the workplace environment.
  • From the perspective of safeguarding the informant, we prohibit inquiries into, and the pursuit of, or retaliatory actions towards informants. We promote proper implementation by checking that there has not been any retaliation or penalties imposed on the informant after a certain period of time.

Respect for human rights across the supply chain

At the time of expanding business, while it is required to ascertain the various human rights issues and take appropriate action with consideration, we are addressing respect for human rights across the whole supply chain. In 2018, for respect for human rights across the whole supply chain, we drew up the “Kewpie Group Fundamental Policy for Sustainable Procurement” in which “Advocate human rights, do not conduct discriminatory behavior or inhumane treatment, and do not be involved in human rights infringements,” was stipulated, and we declared that we would address these policies together with our suppliers.

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