Initiatives for Health-based Management and Occupational Safety

Group’s approach to health-based management

The Kewpie Group launched a Kenko Keiei* (business management based on the health of the company and its employees, or health-based management) initiative in fiscal 2016. Under our corporate philosophy of aiming to be a group that contributes to the food culture and health of the world through “great taste,empathy, and uniqueness,” we pursue initiatives for the health of each and every person who works in the Kewpie Group. In fiscal 2018, we will strive for the penetration of activities in individual Group companies and plants, with a focus on “creating foundations” and “creating culture.”

*Kenko Keiei is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Creating foundations

We will work on full implementation of regular check-ups and build systems for health management. Specifically, we will implement a health framework that involves regular medical check-ups for all employees, achieve a 100% of regular check-ups and 100% of recommended secondary check-ups, and raise awareness about cancer checks. With the introduction of a health management system in April 2018, we will aim to enhance the occupational health structure across the entire Group.

Creating culture

We share health-consciousness and enhance health maintenance and promotion activities with a focus on the following three points.

1.Activities for the improvement of health literacy

2.Enhancement of mental health prevention and support

3.Anti-smoking measures

Health-based management seminars

The Kewpie Group holds regular seminars on health-based management to raise awareness among employees. In August 2017, we invited Dr. Tadao Inagaki, Chairman of the Japan Cancer Society and Director Emeritus of the National Cancer Center, to deliver a lecture on the topic of “Advice for living a long healthy life—The importance of regular check-ups in Japan’s cancer prevention programs.” About 360 employees listened to the lecture through a television link-up with the various workplaces.

My Health Declaration

In fiscal 2016, the executives of Kewpie Corporation made personal “My Health Declarations,” which were posted on the Group’s Kenko Keiei intranet website (opened February 2016). In fiscal 2017, as well as extending this initiative to the presidents of the individual Group companies, all of the employees of the Sengawa and Shibuya Offices also posted their own “My Health Declarations.” In fiscal 2018, we will extend the “My Health Declaration” initiative to the various workplaces in the Group.

“My Health Declarations” of the Group company presidents

“My Health Declarations” of individual employees

Approach to Occupational Health and Safety

At the Kewpie Group’s production plants, safety officers, who report directly to the General Manager of the Kewpie Production Division, play a central role in our endeavors to create comfortable workplace environments, in which employees can spend a safe and healthy working life. We strive to prevent accidents and raise safety awareness mainly through the following actions.

1.Safety audits of all production plants (86 in Japan, 11 overseas)

2.Group Safety Meeting (held annually in June)

3.Sharing of accident information horizontally across the Group

Group-Wide Preventive Safety Initiatives

The Kewpie Group has pursued preventive safety activities since 2004. Through the following three actions, we aim to lower risks to an acceptable level and to build a culture of Safety First.

1.Risk assessments

2.Education based on the Safety Education Manual

3.QBSS (Kewpie Blue-flag Safety Standards) inspections and rectification

Trends in occurrence of lost-time workplace accidents (tallied at end of April each year)

FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Lost-time accidents 13 15 12 7 17
Frequency rate*1 0.56 0.72 0.56 0.35 0.76
Severity rate*2 0.024 0.035 0.018 0.013 0.027

*1Frequency rate = Number of deaths and injuries from workplace accidents / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000,000

*2Severity rate = Number of work days lost / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000

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