Initiatives for Health-based Management and Occupational Health and Safety

Group’s approach to health-based management

The Kewpie Group launched a Kenko Keiei®* (business management based on the health of the company and its employees, or health management) initiative in fiscal 2016. The Group’s mission is to contribute to better and healthier dietary lifestyles for people around the world premised on the notions of good taste, empathy and uniqueness. Based on this mission, Kewpie pursues initiatives for the health of each and every person who works in the Group. Kewpie Corporation was awarded on February 19, 2019 with the “White 500” certification in recognition of its excellence in health and productivity management, marking the second year the Group has received certification since its launch in 2017. In the three years from fiscal 2019 we will work to further promote health awareness at Group companies and locations, including by: 1) building a health management system; 2) promoting physical health; and 3) promoting activities aimed at supporting mental health.

*Kenko Keiei is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Creating foundations

We have introduced a healthcare system utilizing various health promotion activities based on the results of regular employee checkups. In fiscal 2019 we target a 100% rate for regular health checkups, a 100% rate for recommended secondary health checkups, and increased awareness about cancer checkups. We will also hold meetings for healthcare staff nationwide to promote rules for group healthcare management, and broaden the industrial healthcare system for the Group as a whole.

Creating culture

We are promoting the sharing of health awareness and the enhancement of health maintenance and promotion activities.

Participation in health improvement campaigns

The Kewpie Aohata Health Insurance Society conducts health improvement campaigns every year from May to June. Thanks to the launch of a companywide competition between business locations, 7,631 individuals, or 57% of the target, participated in the program in fiscal 2018, with about 80% of the participants achieving their goals. We will be promoting initiatives in fiscal 2019 as well, including during periods outside the established campaign period.

Distributing information useful for health

Kewpie in fiscal 2018 began distributing to all locations an “Information Useful for Health” publication that can be used during workplace morning meetings and monthly health committee meetings. Topics are tailored to employee interests and seasonal concerns, including bone density, mental health, and heat stroke. Presentation materials include explanatory text, with content that can be also be posted.

My Health Declaration

In fiscal 2016, the executives of Kewpie Corporation made personal “My Health Declarations,” on the Group’s Kenko Keiei intranet site, which launched in February 2016. In fiscal 2017, as well as extending this initiative to the presidents of the individual Group companies, all of the employees of the Sengawa and Shibuya Offices also posted their own “My Health Declarations.” Fiscal 2018 saw “My Health Declarations” spread to all Group offices, with postings made at each location. In fiscal 2019, we completed distribution of a Declarations document containing about 9,200 My Health Declarations. We hope this effort further enhances the discussion of health.

Dietary and exercise-related events

Some of our locations with employee cafeterias have presented commendations to employees who consume large amounts of vegetables and distribute health-related information related to food. In addition, as part of the effort promoting exercise, the locations hold exercise events, including physical ability tests, and lessons on the best way to walk, with employees and management in attendance.

Lessons on how best to walk

Lessons on how best to walk

Physical ability test

Physical ability test

Approach to Occupational Health and Safety

At the Kewpie Group’s production plants, safety officers, who report directly to the General Manager of the Kewpie Production Division, play a central role in our endeavors to create comfortable workplace environments, in which employees can spend a safe and healthy working life. We strive to prevent accidents and raise safety awareness mainly through the following actions.

1.Safety audits of all production plants (78 in Japan, 12 overseas)

2.Group Safety Meeting (held annually in June)

3.Sharing of accident information horizontally across the Group

Group-Wide Preventive Safety Initiatives

The Kewpie Group has pursued preventive safety activities since 2004. Through the following three actions, we aim to lower risks to an acceptable level and to build a culture of Safety First.

1.Risk assessments

2.Education based on the Safety Education Manual

3.QBSS (Kewpie Blue-flag Safety Standards) inspections and rectification

Trends in occurrence of lost-time workplace accidents (tallied at end of April each year)

FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Lost-time accidents 13 15 12 7 17 24
Frequency rate*1 0.56 0.72 0.56 0.35 0.76 0.99
Severity rate*2 0.024 0.035 0.018 0.013 0.027 0.034

*1Frequency rate = Number of deaths and injuries from workplace accidents / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000,000

*2Severity rate = Number of work days lost / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000

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