Initiatives for Diversity

Approach to Diversity

With diversity as the basis of its growth, the Kewpie Group respects the individuality and willingness to grow of each of its employees around the world. The Group strives to create a corporate culture in which each employee can work to the best of their abilities.
Given the importance of each employee supporting diversity through the adoption of an understanding stance and actively engaging in dialogue, we have established the following three guidelines.

  1. 1.Listen to every person you work with
  2. 2.Actively express your own opinions and engage in lively discussion
  3. 3.Participate in various forums and make opportunities to interact with members you do not usually meet

Status of measures designed to promote diversity

The promotion of diversity at the Kewpie Group aims to foster a corporate culture that accepts diversity, and to allow Group employees to leverage their potential.
In order to foster a corporate culture that accepts diversity, we are introducing a series of activities aimed at raising awareness, and are implementing work-style and other reforms, while augmenting existing programs to make it easier for each employee to work.

With the goal of realizing a Group in which employees can leverage their potential, we are promoting training activities for female managers, and implementing measures aimed at allowing all employees, including those with disabilities, senior employees, and non-Japanese employees, to work to the best of their abilities.

As of FY2019, the percentage of women working in managerial positions across the Group was 7.9%, and for Kewpie alone, it was 9.2%. By FY2021, to bring the percentage of women working in managerial positions up to 12% for Kewpie alone, we are implementing training policies for female general employees. Along with this, we are promoting the shift from regional employees to general employees by introducing a general employee system that does not include transfers that come with changing residence, as well as putting effort into the enhancement of work-life balance support systems.

Fostering a corporate culture that embraces diversity

Towards the promotion of diversity across the entire Kewpie Group, we have set diversity goals for each department, and we are implementing initiatives.

Also, since FY2017, we have been carrying out diversity surveys at Kewpie alone. We are checking employees’ understanding of diversity and the progress of each department, then reflecting this in our polices.

Initiatives towards understanding diversity

As initiatives to help employee understand and accept diversity, we hold seminars by instructors from both inside and outside the company about various themes, including the basic knowledge of diversity, unconscious bias, and LGBT. Our goal is to create a corporate culture where employees accept each other’s individuality and where growth is mutually encouraged as a result of each employee gaining insights and new knowledge about diversity.
Also, by holding dialogues about diversity led by mainly executives and management, we are sharing the Group’s “Diversity Management” philosophy.

Many employees are proactively attending the seminars.

Allowing Group Employees to Leverage Their Potential

Study Sessions for the Group’s female managers

All female managers in the Group assemble together to participate in lectures given by Kewpie executives, study groups about the Company’s philosophy, and working groups. The aim is to create networks for female managers and deepen their required knowledge about management positions, while giving them the confidence to contribute to the management position by exploring novel management methods and taking the next step toward their goals.

Step-up training for young local employees

Young Group employees in other regions, including those working within limited areas and work scope, are offered selective education and training opportunities. They learn about the Group’s management strategy, mission, business, and production bases, whetting their appetite for growth and gaining growth opportunities to aim for management positions and job transfers.

Global Training

Overseas training has been implemented in the Asia region for mainly younger employees and mid-tier employees since fiscal 2017 in a bid to bestow employees with the ability to develop markets overseas that are necessary for the sustained growth of business and to create new businesses in countries with different cultures and backgrounds.
At overseas-related companies*, most employees participate in local skills training courses and attend courses in Japan about the mission and specialty skills, centered on locally hired employees in management positions.

*A total of 11 companies, two in America, three in China, and one in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Poland.

Training for employees from overseas Group companies held in Japan

Approach Toward the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

As with all its employees, the Group aims to create environments in which those with disabilities can demonstrate their individual potential as well as experience the joy of work and the purpose of life.
In support of this aim, employment of persons with disabilities is not undertaken at the Group level. Instead, Kewpie and the individual Group companies in each region, including special subsidiary companies, employ such individuals independently, thereby creating diverse employment opportunities in a broad range of communities.
As of December 1, 2019, persons with disabilities accounted for 3.6% of all employees in the Kewpie Group in Japan (excluding the logistics systems business).

Trends in the ratio of employment for persons with disabilities (percentage of total employees as of December 1, 2019)

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
2.69% 3.02% 3.30% 3.54% 3.60%

Subject: Kewpie Group in Japan (excluding logistics system business)

Initiatives at Group Companies

The production plants in the Egg Products business and the Delicatessen Products business are actively promoting the employment of persons with disabilities. All of the Kewpie Egg Corporation’s 24 plants around Japan are actively employing persons with disabilities, achieving an employment ratio of 5.74%. The Narita Plant’s ratio of employment of persons with disabilities stood at over 16.98% as of December 1, 2019. Kewpie Ai, a special subsidiary company, promotes the employment of those with disabilities in a wide range of operations, including in-house logistics, cleaning, as well as the production and distribution of sales promotion materials.

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