Initiatives for Diversity

Approach to Diversity

The Kewpie Group promotes diversity with the aim of becoming a corporate group in which diverse people who empathize with the Group’s corporate philosophy can play a dynamic, active role in the Group and in which both the Group and its people can grow.
Each and every employee is responsible for that diversity and values the feeling of affinity with diversity, such as a willingness to talk to and understand others. Toward this end, each employee engages in diversity with the following three things in mind.

  1. 1.Listen to every person you work with
  2. 2.Actively express your own opinions and engage in lively discussion
  3. 3.Participate in various forums and make opportunities to interact with members you do not usually meet

Initiatives for Diversity

Concrete initiatives designed to foster a culture of diversity include the publication of the diversity wall newspaper, Nanairo (Seven Colors), and diversity seminars, to which guests from outside the Group are invited to speak. Each of Kewpie’s divisions has a diversity promotion officer, and approaches the promotion of diversity to suit the division’s circumstances, with activities that are tailored to the policies and issues of the individual division. These initiatives are also linked with work style reform initiatives, to promote the development of an environment that diverse people will find pleasant to work in and be able to play an active role.
In terms of the promotion of women’s active participation in the workplace, female managers accounted for 6.9% of all managers in the Kewpie Group in fiscal 2017 (7.4% in Kewpie Corporation alone). With the aim of raising the percentage of female managers to 10% by the end of FY2018, the final year of the current mid-term business plan, we have developed an action plan and a range of initiatives are being carried out. These include the expansion of systems, training aimed at raising awareness, and discussion sessions for female career-track employees.
In fiscal 2016, a new career-track employment scheme was introduced that does not require workplace transfers that necessitate a change of residence, to encourage more employees to transition from local employment to career-track employment. With this development of an environment in which employees’ options for active participation have been expanded, there has been an increase in the number of employees sitting the transition exam, with 29 employees transitioning in fiscal 2016 and 27 in fiscal 2017.

Fostering a Culture of Diversity

Publication of diversity wall newspaper, Nanairo

This publication contains illustrations that show the Kewpie Group’s diversity mindset and examples of initiatives in an easy to understand format, as well as messages from executives and other leaders. The objective is to encourage each and every person who recognizes the importance of diversity to convey his or her own thoughts and to take action.

The inaugural edition was published in July 2017. It is published and posted in the various workplaces of the Kewpie Group three times a year.

Promotion of Women’s Active Participation

Study Sessions for the Group’s female managers

In an ongoing initiative from fiscal 2016, female managers from Kewpie Group companies gathered together for lectures from the executives, study sessions on corporate philosophy, and working group activities.

Step-up training for young local employees

Training was conducted for specially selected participants from across the Group. Participation in this training raised the participants’ motivation to aim to transition to a career-track or management position.

Employment of Overseas National Staff

National staff account for 98% of the approximately 3,200 employees of Kewpie’s overseas Group companies*. Almost all of those national staff are permanent employees. There are 294 managers of section manager level and above (78% are national staff), 129 of whom are women. Skills training is held in country and corporate philosophy and specialist training is conducted in Japan, primarily for management-level staff, with more than 100 people participating every year.

*Total of 10 companies: 2 in the United States, 3 in China, 1 each in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Poland.

Training for employees from overseas Group companies held in Japan

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

To create a workplace environment in which persons with disabilities are also able to realize their potential and gain a sense of the joy and reward of working, the individual companies of the Kewpie Group*, including Kewpie Corporation and its special subsidiary companies, are pursuing initiatives to fulfill their social responsibilities in their respective regions. In 2017, persons with disabilities accounted for 3.29% of Kewpie Corporation’s employees, and the ratio for the Kewpie Group in Japan (excluding the logistics systems business) was 3.30%.

*The Kewpie Group does not aggregate its employment figures for people with disabilities (this refers to calculating the ratio of employment of persons with disabilities by totaling up the figures for the parent company and its special subsidiary companies).

Trend in ratio of employment of persons with disabilities (totals of persons currently employed on December 1 of each year)

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
2.13% 2.50% 2.69% 3.02% 3.30%

Subject: Kewpie Group in Japan (excluding logistics system business)

Initiatives at Group Companies

The production plants in the Egg Products business and Delicatessen Products business are actively promoting the employment of persons with disabilities. All of the Kewpie Egg Corporation’s 18 plants around Japan are actively employing persons with disabilities, achieving an employment ratio of 6.71%. The Narita Plant’s ratio of employment of persons with disabilities is over 18.87% (as of December 1, 2017). Kewpie Ai, a special subsidiary company for the employment of persons with disabilities, engages in a diverse range of operations designed to enable each employee to realize his or her potential in an area in which they can excel. These include in-house logistics, cleaning, production and mail-out of sales promotional materials, and Web design.

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