Initiatives for Empowering a Diverse Range of Talent

Initiatives for Diversity

Approach to Diversity

With diversity forming the foundation of our growth strategy, the Kewpie Group respects the individuality and eagerness to grow of all employees around the world. As such, we strive to create a corporate culture in which each employee can work to the best of their abilities.
We carry out initiatives with a recognition that all employees must support and be engaged in diversity efforts, such as by participating in dialogue and demonstrating a mind-set of mutual understanding.

Status of measures designed to promote diversity

By promoting diversity, the Kewpie Group is working to grow the entire group and create social value by realizing a corporate culture that accepts diversity and demonstrating the abilities of each and every Group employee.
We have the opportunity of the discussion to regard an activity and the growth of the organization and employee to understand a purpose as significance to propel "diversity & inclusion" and push forward the making of place of the learning to be connected for each growth of various employees.
As of FY2020, the ratio of female managers in the group is 8.5%, and the ratio of female managers in Kewpie alone is 10.2%.
In FY2024, in order to raise the ratio of female managers to 18% in the Kewpie, we will promote the conversion from regional jobs to general jobs by introducing measures to foster female career-track employees and a career-track system that does not require “transfers that accompany relocation”.
At the same time, we are also focusing on enhancing the work-life balance support system.

Important Human Resources Development Indices FY2020
Percentage of women working in managerial positions
(For Kewpie alone)
10.2% 18% 30%

Fostering a corporate culture that embraces diversity

The promotion of diversity at the Kewpie Group aims to foster a corporate culture that accepts diversity and allows all employees to leverage their potential. We are working to mobilize the Group’s human resources and create a framework that allows everyone to experience diversity. The aim is to leverage each individual’s various perspectives, talents and skills to raise the Group’s overall strength.
Since FY2017, we have been carrying out a diversity survey (Kewpie Corporation only). We use this to check the employees’ understanding and awareness of diversity as we strive to create a corporate culture that offers a high level of psychological safety so that employees can work in environments that allow them to take on challenges and accomplish goals.

Managers meet to discuss the significance of promoting diversity

We create opportunities for members of executive management and management to share and discuss the objectives of diversity promotion within the Group.
Participating members come from all across the organization. Under the leadership of the executive managers, they reaffirm the importance of diversity and the objectives of promoting it. They also hold discussions on how to leverage diverse skills and talents to resolve business challenges and tie them into personnel growth.
These meetings offer an opportunity to connect diverse colleagues, who work hard every day in their respective locations to achieve Group growth. They gather online to share know-how and things they notice in management, which nurtures a greater awareness for the Group and its personnel’s growth.

Allowing Group Employees to Leverage Their Potential

Study Sessions for the Group’s female managers

Female managers from the Kewpie Group gather for regular study sessions, which include lectures from executive managers and opportunities to gain required knowledge for management positions. The aim is to give female managers the confidence to contribute to the management position by exploring how to take further steps toward aspired goals, finding a management method unique to each individual, and creating networks among female managers.

Approach Toward the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

As with all its employees, the Group aims to create environments in which those with disabilities can demonstrate their individual potential as well as experience the joy of work and the purpose of life.
In support of this aim, employment of persons with disabilities is not undertaken at the Group level. Instead, Kewpie and the individual Group companies in each region, including special subsidiary companies, employ such individuals independently, thereby creating diverse employment opportunities in a broad range of communities.

Trends in the ratio of employment for persons with disabilities (percentage of total employees as of December 1, 2019)

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
3.02% 3.30% 3.54% 3.60% 3.67%

Initiatives at Group Companies

Production departments, in particular, are actively employing persons with disabilities. Kewpie Egg Corporation is hiring persons with disabilities at 22 production plants across Japan, reaching an employment rate of 5.64% overall, and 16.67% at their Narita Plant (as of December 1, 2020). Kewpie Ai Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary company, promotes the employment of those with disabilities in a wide range of operations, including in-house logistics, cleaning, as well as the production and distribution of sales promotion materials.

Initiatives for Human Resources Development

Approach to Human Resources Development

The Kewpie Group cares deeply about the careers of each of its employees. In addition to specialized training and self-development programs to achieve diversity, we provide the following career support systems.

1. Growth Milestone Program

2. Career Self-Declaration Scheme

3. In-House Recruiting System

We encourage employees to identify each of their aspirations and paths to growth so that they can seek learning opportunities to that end and gain necessary experience, such as through interactions with other personnel.
Specifically, we offer the “Growth Milestone Program” and “Career Training” as well as the “Career Self-Declaration Scheme,” which allows employees to independently apply for a transfer to their desired positions.
Furthermore, we established the “Kewpie Group In-House Recruiting System 2030,” which calls for applications from employees across the Group who are eager for challenges. We ask them to submit ideas for new businesses or certain concepts they wish to strengthen and select applications with strong aspirations.
These career-supporting initiatives aim to bring out the greatest potential in each employee and turn their aspirations into reality. With these initiatives, we strive to not only place the right people in the right positions, but also nurture a corporate culture that encourages challenge and create a workplace in which our diverse personnel can flourish.

Kewpie Career Assistance Framework

Award Schemes

As a way to support our employees’ active challenges and learning, and to encourage them to voice suggestions for the sake of the company’s future, the Kewpie Group has established a variety of award schemes, including the President’s Award.

President’s Award

An award recognizing employees who have produced outstanding results or contributed to society by leveraging the Group’s technologies or by demonstrating ingenuity. The President’s Award aims to create a corporate culture unique to the Kewpie Group.

Invention Award

An award recognizing employees who have acquired patents that greatly contribute to the company or lead to making social contributions.

Kewpie Research Paper Award

An award recognizing employees who have written papers that make suggestions for the company’s future, based on the changes happening in the world or issues that employees face in their day-to-day lives.
This long-standing award, which has continued for over 50 years, also hopes to encourage self-improvement in employees as they write the papers.

Qualifications Award

The Qualifications Award was established to support the career of each and every employee and create a corporate culture that encourages independent learning. In addition to supporting the employees’ further studies, the program also notifies applicants of which qualifications the company is particularly looking for, so that both employees and the company can grow hand in hand.

Initiatives for New Challenges

The Kewpie Group is actively engaged in initiatives that look to new challenges by promoting wide-ranging research and development of mayonnaise, dressings, eggs and vegetables, while also pursuing systems for the creation of innovations. While also taking advantage of outside help, we use Group cooperation to create new values and respond to the expectations of our stakeholders.

Kewpie Startup Program

We have established the Kewpie Start Up Program with the aims of realizing individual employees’ ideas and creating new businesses. Participants in the program have the opportunity to form networks of mentors that transcend divisions, which will help them upgrade their skills and advance their careers.

Ideas from the Kewpie Start Up Program

Ideas from the Kewpie Start Up Program

The Kewpie Group has conducted continuous research into vinegar, one of the main ingredients of mayonnaise. YOITOKI is the first product in the world to come from technologies for culturing acetic acid bacteria in large volume.

Food with function claims “Diare”

“Diare” is a supplement made from a blend of acetic acid bacterium GK-1 and GABA.
After releasing "YOITOKI" where we ascertained a new possibility for the acetic acid bacterium used in vinegar production for people who drink, under the same theme of acetic acid bacterium but with a different approach from "YOITOKI," we started research into health benefits. As a result, in 2018, "Diare" was chosen using an in-house competition system.
The acetic acid bacterium GK-1 is reported to reduce nasal discomfort caused by pollen, dirt, and house dust. “Diare” was the first food with function claims to be approved to show “pollen” as a causative agent for nasal discomfort.

Products born from the Kewpie Startup Program

GABA potato salad

The “Karada Omoi Menu” (Body-Friendly Menu) delicatessen series was developed based on the business plan that was selected from among the 2019 applications. It became the first food with function claims in the delicatessen foods industry and was released in September 2020 in the greater Tokyo area.
The product contains GABA* and features a label saying “for individuals with high blood pressure.” This makes it a salad that can be enjoyed by those who are concerned about their blood pressure levels as well as those who are health conscious.

*Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is reported to lower blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure. Going forward, we will further expand our lineup.

Plan to open "Fukaya Terrace Vegetable Friends Farm"

In Fukaya city, Saitama Prefecture, we are proceeding with the commercialization of a complex under the concept of "Be inspired by and grow to like vegetables!" Making use of Kewpie Group's expertise regarding vegetables and eggs, together with the community, we will provide resources that show the appeal of enjoying vegetables.

Flexible Work Style Initiatives

Work style approach

The Kewpie Group actively supports individual growth and success by offering flexible work styles that allow employees to continue working through various life stages and by preparing environments in which they can reach their fullest potential.

Flexible work style initiatives

The working environment at Kewpie allows employees to pursue productivity while selecting flexible work styles that best fit their individual roles and the characteristics of their jobs. As such, we offer flexible working hours (flextime) with no core working hours, and employees can choose to work from home or a satellite office so that they are not confined to a particular place or time.
Employees working shorter hours can also use the flextime system to balance work and child-rearing.

Birth and parenting assistance initiatives

We use the child-rearing support website to regularly provide company information to employees on childcare leave. Furthermore, before ending their leave, employees meet with their superiors to discuss career aspirations and how they want to work after returning to work. Superiors also take this time to share their hopes and expectations for the employee’s continued role in the company.
We support that superiors can come through for those returning from childcare leave by using online learning materials to review relevant management knowledge, such as the company’s various systems and about unconscious bias.
We also believe that experiencing child-rearing allows men to expand their perspectives and grow personally. As such, we encourage male employees to take childcare leave and make it mandatory to take at least 10 days off before their children turn two.

Parental leave guide

Child-rearing support website

Parental Leave Taken

Female employees

  • Number of employees who have taken childcare leave this year
    (Survey subjects: Kewpie Corporation only)

Male employees

  • Number of leave takers: the number of employees who took leave before their children turned two
  • Ratio of leave takers: the ratio of employees who took leave the year their children were born
    (Survey subjects: Kewpie Corporation only)

Initiatives for Health-based Management

The Kewpie Group Health Statement

The Kewpie Group has worked diligently to contribute to people's health through food, on the basis of our corporate aim; to continuously contribute to the food culture and health of the world through "great taste, empathy, and uniqueness". In addition, we believe that the growth of our business and contributions to society depend on each and every member of our Group engaging in corporate activities with vitality, in a good mental and physical state.
The Kewpie Group will continue to contribute to people’s health through food, while maintaining a serious and supportive stance toward the health of our employees and their families.

1. Improving people’s health through salads and eggs

We will put forward dietary lifestyles that are tasty, enjoyable, and conducive to maintaining good health, by using the technologies we have attained through popularizing the food culture to eat vegetables as salads, and the promotion of highly nutritious egg menus.

2. Improving the health of employees and their families through self-care

In addition to supporting employees and their families in efforts to improve their own health, we will endeavor to raise awareness of health issues.

Health Management Promotion System

Health Management Promotion System

Group-Wide Health Index

The Kewpie Group has designated “Kenko Nenrei”* (Healthy Age) as a common index to indicate physical health.
Healthy age is the difference between a person’s medical health age (calculated from their check-up results) and their actual age. In addition to sending individual notifications, we calculate the healthy ages at each of our locations to create a location ranking. We also publish reports to share information on health issues among the Group. By creating a Group-wide health index, we aim to raise health awareness among our employees.

*“Kenko Nenrei” is a registered trademark of JMDC Inc.

Difference between medical health age and actual age (medical health age - actual age)

Health Improvement Campaign

The Kewpie-Aohata Health Insurance Association holds a Health Improvement Campaign every year to encourage employees to make lifestyle improvements.
From 2018, we introduced a contest between offices, which led to many more people participating. The campaign is a great opportunity for employees to improve their lifestyles.
Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to maintain a high participation rate by switching over to online activities in FY2020.

Change of participation rate over time

My Health Goals

In FY2020, over 11,000 employees from the Kewpie Group took part in the “My Health Declaration” initiative, in which participants declare to spend the year healthily. In FY2021, the card was redesigned to feature the theme, “Supporting Each and Every Individual with Salads and Eggs,” along with the three pillars: nutrition, exercise and social participation. With My Health Goals, we promote greater health awareness among our employees.

My Health Goals

Getting more employees to receive cancer screenings

All employees at the Kewpie Group receive regular health check-ups. In addition, we began offering financial assistance to employees aged 35 or above to receive a comprehensive medical check-up or the “3-Item Check-Up” (colon cancer, gastric cancer, abdominal ultrasound) offered exclusively by the Kewpie-Aohata Health Insurance Association. Financial support is also offered to female employees aged 20 or above for gynecological exams.
Offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area were already conducting mass screenings for gynecological exams, but in FY2021, we launched mass screenings for the “3-Item Check-Up” as well. Going forward, we hope to expand beyond the Tokyo area and get more employees aged 35 or above in the Kewpie Group to receive cancer screenings.

Measures against smoking

To maintain and improve the health of Group employees, on April 1, 2020, we removed the on-site smoking areas at our two offices in Tokyo (Shibuya-ku and Chofu-city), making the entire site smoke-free. At the same time, we are working on creating work environments that are free of passive smoking at all of our offices, including those of our Group companies.
Since 2017 we have also been strengthening our support for employees who wish to give up smoking, and we are encouraging them to take up the challenge. For example, we subsidize co-pays for smoking cessation clinics and smoking cessation medication, and we are providing commemorative gifts to those who succeed in giving up smoking by themselves.

Health management of employees stationed overseas

As our international businesses expand, the number of employees stationed overseas is also increasing year by year.
To maintain the same standard of health management as employees stationed in Japan, those stationed overseas also receive a comprehensive medical check-up once a year and, if necessary, receive advice from nurses. Furthermore, we also provide mental health support by conducting interviews and stress checks three months into the employee’s work overseas.

Initiatives for Occupational Health and Safety

Approach to Occupational Health and Safety

At the Kewpie Group’s production plants, safety officers, who report directly to the General Manager of the Kewpie Production Division, play a central role in our endeavors to create comfortable workplace environments, in which employees can spend a safe and healthy working life. We strive to prevent accidents and raise safety awareness mainly through the following actions.

1. Safety audits of all production plants (75 in Japan, 10 overseas)

2. Group Safety Meeting

3. Sharing of accident information horizontally across the Group

Group-Wide Preventive Safety Initiatives

The Kewpie Group has pursued preventive safety activities since 2004. Through the following three actions, we aim to lower risks to an acceptable level and to build a culture of Safety First.

1. Risk assessments

2. Education based on the Safety Education Manual

3. QBSS (Kewpie Blue-flag Safety Standards) inspections and rectification

Trends in occurrence of lost-time workplace accidents (tallied at end of April each year)

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Lost-time accidents 7 17 24 13 12
Frequency rate*1 0.35 0.76 0.99 0.62 0.60
Severity rate*2 0.013 0.027 0.034 0.038 0.020

Kewpie Group Japanese plants

*1Frequency rate = Number of deaths and injuries from workplace accidents / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000,000

*2Severity rate = Number of work days lost / total number of actual hours worked x 1,000

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