Initiatives Toward People and Working Styles

The Kewpie Group will develop a framework for empowering a diverse range of talent to transition to a structure that realizes sustainable growth. We will increase the experience and skills of each individual by promoting various initiatives including mobilization of the Group’s human resources in line with the new business framework, expansion of place to learn, and greater career awareness. In addition to improving the ability to respond to changes in the social environment and risks by leveraging the perspective and know-how of each individual, we will work to reinforce the comprehensive strengths of the Kewpie Group while sharing the real sense of “RAKU-GYOU-KAI-ETSU,” through which employees work with a sense of reward.

Important Human Resources Development Indices

  • Increase the percentage of women working in managerial positions to 18% by 2024, and 30% by 2030. (For Kewpie alone)

FY2019 Actual

  • Percentage of women working in managerial positions: 9.2%


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