Initiatives on Global Warming

Response to Climate Change Policy

We consider climate change as a universal issue. Therefore, the Kewpie Group is thoroughly devoted to reducing CO2 emissions at all stages of our business, including procurement, production, distribution, sales, and in offices.
Our initiatives for the material issue for sustainability: “Reduction of CO2 Emissions (Response to Climate Change)” specifies a clear target for the reduction in CO2 emissions at all domestic locations.

CO2 Emissions across the supply chain

Based on the Ministry of the Environment's standards, we calculated CO2 emissions from our supply chain. The result shows that emissions related to the procurement of raw materials were the highest, followed by transportation and disposal.
We will continue to calculate CO2 emissions from our supply chain, including Group companies, in order to take quick measures for reducing CO2 emissions.

CO2emissions in the value chain (FY2019)

Scope CO2 Emissions (thousand tonnes of CO2 equivalent)
Scope 1 Fuel 69.2
Scope 2 Purchased power 113.4
Scope 3
Category 4
Transport 32.4

Scope 1 & 2: Domestic production plants and offices

Scope 3: Two companies subject to regular reporting under the Energy Conservation Law

Responses to Climate Risks

Our Risk Management Committee has begun scenario analysis on “Climate Change Risks” based on advice from the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) in FY2020. We identify climate risks to be ours, reduce the risk, and create new business opportunities.

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