Environmentally Friendly Products

We at the Kewpie Group strive to design products that reduce our impact on the environment - from procurement to consumption - while upholding our “Put Product Quality First”.
We invent lighter containers, develop recyclable materials, and incorporate packaging with less environmental footprint Moreover, we are determined to reduce food loss by extending life of food product.
In order to achieve zero food loss in the household, we will continue to introduce useful recipes for underrated parts of vegetables, such as stems, leaves, and cores.

Lighter, Simpler Containers and Packaging

Product containers and packaging are essential to maintaining the quality of the product and preserving its good taste, but their production consumes energy and they turn into waste after use. The Kewpie Group remains committed to simplifying and reducing the weight of containers and packaging.

Basic policy on container and packaging selection

  • It must be suitable for use as a food container
  • It must not generate environmental pollutants
  • Strive to achieve conservation of resources and energy and eliminate multi-layered packaging
  • Improve and promote recyclability of containers and packaging
  • Strive to establish environmentally-friendly packaging technologies

Creating Lighter, Simpler Packaging

80ml Kewpie dressing bottle

We renewed our well-known 380ml Kewpie dressing bottle to make it lighter but without undermining its durability.
As a result, the use of plastic is reduced by 80 tons annually.
(Available for shipment since April 2019)

Using Packaging With a Lower Environmental Impact

Kewpie dressing stick-type

The outer packaging for Kewpie dressing stick-type uses approximately 15% recycled plastic bottles.
This enables us to reduce the petroleum-derived materials and lower CO2 emissions.
(Available for shipment since mid-February 2020)

Reduction of Product Wastage by Extending Shelf Life

The reduction of food wastage is a global issue. Such wastage includes food products that are thrown away in homes due to their use-by dates expiring.
The Kewpie Group will contribute to the reduction of food wastage by extending the shelf life of its products through improvements in manufacturing methods and containers and packaging.

Extension of shelf life of mayonnaise

If mayonnaise is kept for a long time, the quality can deteriorate due to the effects of oxygen and other causes.
Ever since Kewpie Mayonnaise was first launched, we have pursued a range of innovations in manufacturing methods and containers and packaging to increase the shelf life of the product. These innovations include the use of multi-layered containers that keep oxygen out, the introduction of the “delicious taste long-run manufacturing method,” which eliminates to the greatest extent possible the oxygen dissolved in the vegetable oil, and reducing oxygen levels during manufacturing processes. We have also succeeding in improving the quality standard of Kewpie Half by changing the product formula.
With these innovations, we have been able to extend the shelf life of Kewpie Mayonnaise (50 g–450 g) and Kewpie Half from the previous 10 months to 12 months.

Extension of shelf life of packaged salads

In April 2015, Salad Club, which manufactures and distributes packaged salads, extended the shelf life of its mainstay products, shredded cabbage and mixed salad (including Big Packs) by one day. In addition to the application of Kewpie’s patented “Vegetable-friendly manufacturing method” (Japanese Patent No. 4994524), this was made possible by Salad Club’s ongoing efforts in its cold chain (low-temperature control), the adoption of functional packaging film, and other innovations.

Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

We are eager to help our customers reduce food waste through introducing practical approaches.
One of our suggestions is to use overlooked parts of vegetables, such as outer leaves and stems, for our various recipes and tips.
In fact, those underrated parts of vegetables tend to serve key functions in plant growths and therefore carry unique nutrients and benefits of their own.
On the other hand, since FY2019, we have collaborated with Tokyo Kasei University, who made a significant contribution to “Totteoki Recipes” available at our website, to further promote the importance of food and reduction of its loss.
Our goal is to promote lifestyles that use ingredients more effectively. Please keep your eye on various vegetables and recipes that we introduce to you.

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