Conservation of Biodiversity

Approach to Preserving the Natural Environment

The business operations of the Kewpie Group are closely tied to an abundant natural environment. Upholding the spirit of “good products begin with good ingredients,” we are thankful for nature’s blessings, we will endeavor to preserve a natural environment that is bountiful and biologically diverse, and we will leave future generations with a sustainable society.

Kewpie Forest

In September 2007, the Kewpie Group joined the Yamanashi Forest Creation Commission and founded the “Kewpie Forest” in Fuji Hokuroku, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi to conserve the forest and protect water resources. Employees and their families volunteer, working with local NPOs to hold workshops (cooking regional cuisine, crafts) and forest walks that focus on planting trees and thinning. Workshops on issues facing the local environment have been offered since FY2016.
We held thinning and planting activities in the spring and fall of FY2019 as well as workshops to help people understand the gifts of nature and how to use them, for instance, by reusing materials from thinning activities to make wooden butter knives.
There have been 22 activities between FY2007 and FY2019, with approximately 1,100 people participating.

Photograph of participants

A nature lecture

Support of the Kiritappu Wetland National Trust

Maintaining a wooden walkway

The Kiritappu Wetland

The Kiritappu Wetland, Japan’s third largest wetland, has been recognized internationally as a Ramsar Convention Wetland in 1993 for its natural value.
Since FY2014, the Kewpie Group has provided financial support to the Kiritappu Wetland National Trust, the NPO working to preserve this vital natural environment. Furthermore, we participate in conservation activities of the wetland. An ecological survey in FY2017 confirmed that it is a habitat for Gerris babai, a species of water strider on the red list of endangered species compiled by the Ministry of the Environment.
The decision to landfill the artificial pond next to the wet land has been overturned in order to protect migratory birds that inhabit in the area. This preservation program is called “Hagukumi Pond” in 2016.

Procurement that Considers Biodiversity

The “Kewpie Group Fundamental Policy for Sustainable Procurement” was formulated in FY2018 and promotes procurement that respects the environment and human rights.

Palm oil

In FY2018, we joined the RSPO* to promote the sustainable procurement of palm oil.

* RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil


Together with cardboard and paper manufacturers, we promote the use of FSC certified materials under proper forest management.

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