Conservation of Biodiversity

Approach to Conservation of Biodiversity

The business operations of the Kewpie Group are closely tied to an abundant natural environment. Upholding the spirit of "good products begin with good ingredients," we are thankful for nature's blessings, we will endeavor to preserve a natural environment that is bountiful and biologically diverse, and we will leave future generations with a sustainable society.

Kewpie Group Biodiversity Policy

Kewpie Group Biodiversity Policy

The Kewpie Group appreciates the abundant nature that produces raw materials and strives to preserve biodiversity and restore and regenerate ecosystems, in its aim to be "nature positive."

  1. 1.We understand our dependence on and impact on biodiversity throughout the value chain.
  2. 2.We strive to reflect this degree of dependence and impact in our management decisions, and to disclose information.
  3. 3.We actively engage in activities to minimize negative impacts on biodiversity, while at the same time restoring and regenerating ecosystems.
  4. 4.We promote biodiversity conservation efforts throughout the value chain through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders.

Procurement that Considers Biodiversity

The "Kewpie Group Fundamental Policy for Sustainable Procurement" was formulated in FY2018 and promotes procurement that respects the environment and human rights.


The Kewpie Group will give consideration to environmental issues and social issues such as human rights when procuring paper.
In December 2023, we established the Kewpie Group Paper Procurement Guidelines. We will further promote initiatives by creating standards and targets in procurement.

Palm Oil

In FY2018, we joined the RSPO* to promote the sustainable procurement of palm oil.

* RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Kewpie Group Environmental Conservation Activities

Based on the Approach to Preserving the Natural Environment, the Kewpie Group has been engaging in environmental preservation activities for many years.
From September 2007 to March 2020, the Kewpie Group participated in the Yamanashi Forest Creation Commission and founded the "Kewpie Forest" in Fuji Hokuroku, located in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture. There, we carried out forest conservation activities to protect and cultivate water sources.
Our employees and their families volunteered, working with local NPOs to plant trees and thin the forest. They also held workshops to learn about the various issues faced by the surrounding environment. The initiative created an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of biodiversity and the natural environment.
Furthermore, from 2014 to 2019, the Kewpie Group conducted preservation activities in the marsh areas of the Kiritappu Wetland, which is registered and recognized by the Ramsar Convention as Japan's third largest wetland. Kewpie also provided financial support to the activities of the NPO Kiritappu Wetland National Trust.
Going forward, we will work to gain a greater understanding of how the Kewpie Group's business activities affect the natural environment. We will revise and improve our activities accordingly so that we can pass on a sustainable society to the next generation.

A nature lecture

Maintaining a wooden walkway

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