Conservation of the Natural Environment

Approach to Preserving the Natural Environment

The business operations of the Kewpie Group are closely tied to an abundant natural environment. Upholding the spirit of “good products begin with good ingredients,” we are thankful for nature’s blessings, we will endeavor to preserve a natural environment that is bountiful and biologically diverse, and we will leave future generations with a sustainable society.

Preserving Biodiversity at Plants

The solar panels of Fujiyoshida Kewpie Co., Ltd.

Fujiyoshida Kewpie Co., Ltd., is located within a national park. Since the company is situated over a protected area and adjacent areas, we are taking initiatives to preserve nature. We keep the natural environment in the company premises in good condition and have set aside green space for nurturing water resources. We have also installed solar panels to convert the site’s ample sunlight into renewable energy.

Going forward, we will evaluate and analyze the relationship between business operations and the natural environment, and we will share information with regional communities to determine and then implement needed activities.

Kewpie Forest

In September 2007, the Kewpie Group began forest conservation activities in Kewpie Forest with the intent of conserving water sources. This forest is located at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Participants are solicited from employees and their families for tree thinning and planting activities. Participants can also enjoy walking in the forest and meals prepared with local ingredients. Starting in fiscal 2016, the third session of this endeavor, forest conservation activities were accompanied by an expert-led seminar on the natural environment and the forms of life inhabiting it. Through the seminar, participants learned about the challenges being faced by the surrounding environment.
In fiscal 2017, aiming to recycle lumber from thinning, participants made wooden spoons and coasters to learn about nature’s blessings and ways to make use of them.

Group photograph of participants

Participants thinning trees

Support of the Kiritappu Wetland National Trust

Conducting a biosurvey at Hagukumi Pond

Kiritappu Wetland, Japan’s third largest wetland, has gained global recognition for its value and was registered as a Ramsar Convention Wetland in 1993.
The Kewpie Group offers financial support to the Kiritappu Wetland National Trust, the NPO working to preserve this vital natural environment. Since 2014, Kewpie employees have participated in conservation activities held once a year centering on the wetland.
In fiscal 2017, children from the Kiritappu children’s nature club also participated in conservation activities. They conducted a biosurvey of an artificial pond called Hagukumi Pond (fostering pond) that was formerly used as a skating rink by an elementary school next to the wetland.* The biosurvey revealed that the pond was inhabited by babaamenbo (Gerris babai), a water strider on the red list of endangered species compiled by the Ministry of the Environment.

*Hagukumi Pond (fostering pond): The pond was initially scheduled to be filled in after the elementary school was closed. The Kiritappu Wetland National Trust, however, decided to preserve it since waterfowl made use of the pond. The Kewpie Group was given the right to name the pond in recognition of our support activities and from future expectations. The name Hagukumi Pond was chosen after soliciting names within the company in 2016.

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