Developments that Align with a Global Food Culture

Having harnessed Kewpie Group management resources to develop a unique business in Japan, we now aim to achieve further growth overseas by applying strengths built up in the domestic market. Through these efforts, we hope to bring healthy diets and our special brand of enjoyment and delight in food to even more customers in Japan and abroad.

While working to understand local lifestyles, culinary traditions, and food cultures to bring us closer to our customers, we will draw on the Kewpie Group values of great taste, kindness, and uniqueness to suggest new ways of eating and new eating scenarios that will contribute to the mental and physical health of people around the world.

Great-Tasting Flavors to Match Local Cuisines

While valuing the taste of our original mayonnaise developed for the Japanese market and manufacturing and selling it overseas too, we are also focusing on development of condiments suited to local ingredients and cuisines.

In China, for example, we have developed a popular sweet mayonnaise that people like to use with fruit salad. We also sell a dressing for a type of vegetable salad widely eaten in Northern China, which is currently our second most popular product in Beijing. We offer great-tasting products worldwide, bringing the flavors of Japan to other countries while also developing products tailored to local needs.

Left: Sweet Type Mayonnaise
Right: Mix Vegetable Salad Dressing

Halal-certified products

Kewpie produces halal-certified products in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. We sell these products in these three countries and nearby markets, where diets are becoming increasingly westernized. We also sell Kewpie Mayonnaise Japanese Style (halal-certified) in Japan to meet the needs of growing numbers of Muslims and visitors from Islamic countries in recent years.

Kewpie Mayonnaise Japanese Style

Supplements Enriched with Eggshell Calcium

In Vietnam, osteoporosis is on the rise and calcium deficiency is a public health issue. After conducting basic research on Vietnamese women in partnership with the National Institute of Nutrition in Hanoi, we used the results to develop nutritionally enriched supplements containing eggshell calcium (calcium carbonate derived from eggshells), which Kewpie Vietnam began selling in December 2017. Rice is the staple of the Vietnamese diet, and these supplements enable people to consume more calcium simply by adding it when boiling rice. We market the same product in Japan under the name “Genki na Hone ” (healthy bones).

Left: Sachet type (10 x 10 ml sachets)
Right: Bottle type (1 L)

Overseas Dietary Education

As Kewpie’s international business grows in scale, it exercises greater influence in the countries and regions where we operate. Our overseas Group companies engage in CSR activities that have become well established locally. We conduct various dietary education initiatives aimed at helping to improve people’s lifestyles and health in the regions where we do business.

Sampling promotion in a Vietnamese rice store.

Example of Overseas Dietary Education Activity


With the National University of Malaysia, we jointly conducted activities to have people gain accurate knowledge of dietary effects, for example the fact that mayonnaise consumption does not change cholesterol levels in healthy individuals. We also conduct ongoing activities to reduce child obesity through vegetable consumption, including sandwich workshops for elementary school pupils.


In a similar project, we are working with Shanghai Ocean University to conduct educational activities to disseminate accurate knowledge about cholesterol. Our joint research lab also trains research technicians in nutrition science and food science. In fiscal 2017, two of our companies in China (Beijing and Hangzhou) welcomed a total of 4,600 members of the public on factory tours.


As well as importing baby food from Japan, Kewpie Vietnam conducts educational activities to improve basic knowledge of weaning and foods for weaning babies. By launching supplements enriched with eggshell calcium, the company has worked with the National Institute of Nutrition in Hanoi on health maintenance and promotion initiatives including improvement of physique and bone density among the Vietnamese population.

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