Topic④Concern for the Environment in Transport and Delivery

Material Issues: Reduction of CO2 Emissions (Response to Climate Change)

The movement of people and things has a strong impact on the environment

About 18%* of CO2 emissions in Japan come from the movement of people and things, including through the use of automobiles, trains, aircraft, and ships. Emissions from automobiles account for the largest share, with emissions from cargo vehicles alone accounting for 6.5% of total emissions. Contributing to a reduced environmental impact requires us to make transportation more environmentally friendly, including through enhanced efficiency.

*Source: Ministry of the Environment 2017 report on greenhouse gas emissions Material Issues: Reduction of CO2 Emissions (Response to Climate Change)

Eco-transport to cut down on CO2 emissions

The logistics business of Kewpie Group is working together with our business partners and group companies to improve efficiency in transport and delivery operations to reduce CO2 emissions. These efforts include eco-friendly driving that promotes safety and fuel efficiency, as well as modal shifts, including use of shipping and rail transport that has a smaller environmental impact than truck-based transport, and the shared use of trucks.

Initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions

Engaged in environmentally friendly joint transportation operations with companies in other sectors

Kewpie is actively engaged in joint transportation operations with toiletries sector company Lion, and rental pallet industry company Japan Pallet Rental. By hauling freight for three companies, empty truck movement was reduced to less than 1% of total movement.
We have further reduced CO2 emissions by enacting modal shifts, including shifting some freight movement from trucking routes to shipping routes. These efforts have won widespread external praise, with the company being awarded the 2018 Excellent Green Logistics Partnership Award from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Children are naturally curious, but can get into accidents as they often don’t pay attention or don’t have sufficient knowledge of what is happening around them. With this in mind, group logistics firm K. Tis Corporation holds traffic safety classes with the aim of contributing toward the creation of a safe a secure society. Through closer contact with the people around us, we aim to further increase safety awareness.

Experiencing the blind spot that drivers can’t see

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