Topic② We will support children's mental and
physical health through their diets and
support their future activities.

Priority Issues: Mental and physical health support for children

This is a scene at a Mayonnaise Class, an on-site educational service that Kewpie provides to elementary schools. Launched in 2002, Mayonnaise Classes were held at a total of 328 schools nationwide in FY2017. Employees with Mayostar credentials (an internal qualification) serve as instructors and strive to enlighten children about the fun and importance of food through hands-on experiences with the preparation of mayonnaise.

In recent years, children's environments have changed significantly, due to increasingly diverse lifestyles and eating habits and the trends from extended to nuclear families and increases in the number of dual-income and single-parent households. These changes are also leading to social issues, including deficits for children in knowledge and experiences, dilution of relationships with people and the spread of child poverty.
The Basic Act on Food Education maintains that dietary education is "fundamental to living and should be the foundation for intellectual, moral and physical education." Dinner tables are important as places to eat healthy meals and as places to mingle with others, encouraging socialization and feeding us emotionally. In accordance with its desire for improved mental and physical health for children, the Group is working to offer opportunities for knowledge acquisition and experience regarding diet, to resolve parental concerns about diet and to create places where children feel at home. Through these activities, the Company is fostering children's living and thinking abilities as well as supporting their future activities.

Societal needs

  • Expanding opportunities to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with food
  • Weakening the grip of poverty on the next generation

Resolving problems

  • Providing opportunities for food education and experiences of eating together using salads (vegetables) and eggs
  • Promoting communication between children and families and society by support through meals for families with infant children

Efforts to Support the Mental and Physical Health of Children

Supporting organizations engaged in problem-solving through food

In keeping with its commitment to contribute to society through diet, Kewpie began offering tours of its plant facilities in 1961. These tours familiarize participants with our processing operations and our philosophy of craftsmanship. Additionally, the "Mayonnaise Classes" that we sponsor at elementary schools nationwide have awakened schoolchildren to the fun and value of food through lectures on the importance of eating vegetables and hands-on experiences with making mayonnaise and eating together. Moreover, aside from moving forward with programs that we have established and pursued independently, we were also interested in providing assistance to organizations capable of sharing our ideals and accordingly working together to make social contributions that no single company can accomplish on its own. To that end, in April 2017 we established the Kewpie Mirai Tamago Foundation. During fiscal 2017, the Foundation provided grants to eight organizations engaged in food education activities and another 12 organizations engaged in developing spaces for children to relax and gain a stronger sense of belonging through food-related activities.

At the Summit on Building Community Spaces of Belonging that convened on October 2, 2017, Kewpie held its first Kewpie Mirai Tamago Foundation grant awards ceremony as well as a seminar on creating welcoming spaces for children through food. The photo shows the Foundation's trustees and directors together with attendees from grant recipient organizations.

Alleviating the anxieties and burdens of families with infant children

Kewpie holds an event titled "Have fun raising your child through the skillful use of baby food!" at Mayo Terrace, its factory-tour facility in Chofu, Tokyo. This is an event for families with infant children in their weaning stages. Gaining accurate knowledge about weaning food and prepared baby foods helps parents dispel their food-related anxieties and spend more time communicating with their children. Families with children that attend this event also gain opportunities to network with one another. In the years ahead, Kewpie will foster the creation of a society that supports the joys of childrearing by extending this event to factory-tour facilities and enabling more families to participate in that experience.

Kewpie held its "Have fun raising your child through the skillful use of baby food!" event at Mayo Terrace in Chofu 25 times in fiscal 2017. In the photo, a baby food development engineer listens to parents with food-related concerns about raising their children. This event is for families with infants from 6 to 12 months old and in their mid-to-late weaning stages.

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