Topic① We will contribute to a society
in which the elderly can also live
in good health.

Priority Issues: Contribution to extending the healthy lifespan

Kewpie regularly holds workshops and gatherings throughout Japan on topics relevant to nursing care. In 2017, we held over 300 such events nationwide. Led by Kewpie employees in instructional roles, these meetings exchange information on care-related concerns and tips, introduce participants to a simple menu of foods for nursing care that are easy to prepare, and discuss preventive strategies for a healthier life.

The Japanese life expectancy is one of the longest in the world. At the same time, nursing care requirements are extensive, and rising medical care and nursing costs are becoming a social issue. Under these conditions, it is desirable to extend healthy lifespans and, to that end, nutritionally balanced eating habits are important. Eating habits correlate closely with long, healthy life, and consuming vegetables, which provide fiber and minerals such as vitamins and potassium, can help prevent adult-onset diseases such as high blood pressure. Seniors also need to take in sufficient quantities of protein and energy because life functions tend to decline due to malnutrition during these years. Eggs, which the body efficiently utilizes as high-quality sources of protein, are effective in this regard.
The Company helps people extend healthy lifespans by making dietary proposals that mainly involve salad (vegetables) and eggs, which are focuses of our operations.

Societal needs

  • A better quality of life for senior citizens
  • Lower medical and nursing-care costs at the national and community levels

Resolving problems

  • Preventing lifestyle-related diseases in midlife years and alleviating poor nutrition among the elderly through the nutritional functions of salads (vegetables) and eggs.

Efforts to extend healthy life expectancy

Giving vegetable dishes a leading dietary role

When Kewpie mayonnaise debuted on the market in 1925, fresh vegetables were not yet a staple of the Japanese diet. Kewpie helped foster the spread of a food culture that put value on eating fresh vegetables in salad dishes seasoned with mayonnaise. In 1974, the Kewpie Group moved beyond the sale of salad seasonings to begin producing and marketing prepared salads outright, thus establishing mizuna greens (potherb mustard) and goya (bitter gourd) as salad ingredients and popularizing a variety of new ways to enjoy vegetables. Currently, we are working together with Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) and commercial farms to boost consumer recognition of Romaine lettuce and offer a line of nutritionally balanced "power salads." Moving forward, we will continue working to popularize enjoyable vegetable dishes and support healthy dietary habits with a variety of new food ideas aimed at expanding dietary intake of vegetables.

Power salads represent a new approach to salad dishes that combines vegetables, fruit, and protein with a salad topping. Kewpie offers a variety of power salad recipes that incorporate an assortment of vegetables and fruit in season.

Conveying the attractions of the egg

The Kewpie Group utilizes approx. 250,000 metric tons of eggs in its mayonnaise and other food products each year. That is equivalent to approx. 10 percent of Japan's total annual egg output. In addition to their excellent nutritional value, eggs possess a diverse range of desirable properties. They have color that brings out their flavor, harden when heated, and can be whipped into a foam or emulsified. Kewpie utilizes eggs in its product development and for menu recommendations. We offer an array of tasty egg products and are engaged in efforts to expand the food scene with dishes for the enjoyment of eggs. For example, we noticed early on that the egg is a symbol of Easter (Note), which is celebrated in the spring, and since 2011 have continued to offer new recipes and ideas that enhance the enjoyment of egg cuisine. In addition, through facility tours for the general public and our business partners, we strive to share our knowledge regarding the excellent qualities of the egg and ways to utilize them. In the future, we will continue to not only introduce new food products that bring out the flavor of the egg but also share information on the egg's dietary appeal.

Note: Easter is an important Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Egg Room at Kewpie's Kobe Plant introduces visitors to a variety of properties associated with the egg, including nutritional value, emulsification (mixing with water and oil), and the reason why egg whites can be whipped into a foam.

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