Topic① Salad (vegetables) and eggs for better health!

Material Issues: Contribution to Extending Healthy Lifespan

Long and healthy lifespans are built on healthy eating habits

Japanese people have the longest average life expectancies in the world. However, there is a growing gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, with the latter considered the period of time one lives in good health. A healthy lifespan is strongly linked to healthy dietary habits, and while a diet rich in vegetables and low on salt is thought to help prevent the onset of some lifestyle-related diseases, the truth is that not all age levels are consuming the daily recommended allotment of vegetables. Moreover, as people age, a lack of nutrition contributes to a reduction in vital functions, so it is especially important for these people to consume foods that are rich in protein and energy.

Easy, delicious, and good for your health

A well-balanced diet requires the consumption of vegetable that are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, as well as eggs, which are a good source of protein.
By offering a variety of food ideas centered on the eggs and salads (vegetables) our Group companies specialize in, the Kewpie Group helps to provide the healthy, delicious and easy to prepare meals that underpin joyous and healthy dietary habits on a daily basis.

Initiatives aimed at extending healthy lifespans

Vegetables are essential to health, and combining them with eggs makes for the most powerful of collaborations!

Just as eggs contain all the nutrients necessary to incubate a chick, of the key daily nutrients needed by an adult, eggs provide a wide range of nutrients, except Vitamin C and dietary fiber. In particular, eggs contain a balance of amino acids that can only be ingested through eating. For this reason, an ideal nutritional balance would combine eggs with vegetables and fruit with lots of dietary fiber and Vitamin C. Vegetables are also the ingredients that contribute to the enhanced ability to chew. The mouth is considered the gateway to health, and the active intake of vegetables is one key to a healthy life.

Lectures on the theme of food

The Kewpie Group has an important role to play in teaching people not only the facts about food, but also the importance of eating in a fun setting. With the goal of contributing to healthy and enjoyable eating habits, we are dispatching employees to speak on the theme of food and to provide accurate and up-to-date information to our customers on dietary habits and health.
There are three programs. The first centers on the wonders of vegetables, with content of interest to all who participate, including information provided on a DVD regarding vegetable nutritional values and recommended consumption, as well as cooking ideas that can be used in everyday life. Those participating in the program appear to have developed a keener interest in vegetables, with remarks from these participants such as “I’m now considering menus with 350 grams of vegetables per day” and “I learned many good things about vegetables and how best to enjoy them at meals.”

A food partner for every person!

As we move into an age in which lifespans of 100 years are becoming quite common, there is a growing interest in maintaining one’s health. In order to lead a healthy and active life, it is important to maintain a balance of three things: nutrition, exercise, and social interaction. As lifestyles continue to diversify, Kewpie aims to continue creating food and diet ideas that are tailored to a variety of dietary lifestyles, especially in terms of nutrition, with a focus in particular on “foods that are fun and delicious” and “the importance of nutritional balance and taking in nutrition by eating from the mouth.”

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