into Taste

Revealing hidden
tastes to
create value
for each individual

We introduce the latest technologies and utilize human perception to describe the great tastes achieved through our product development for our customers to easily understand, making our products appealing.

Furthermore, we are investigating customers’ preferences with regard to taste in foods and revealing the hidden tastes behind customers’ subconscious wants, trying to use as much information as possible to develop products appealing to the taste preferences of each individual customer.

Conducting sensory evaluations in a special booth.

Equipment for measuring food flavor (taste sensing device)

Associated Technologies

Evaluation to get closer to customer perspectives

We combine use of interview-based evaluation with such scientific techniques as “eye tracking,” employing devices that track people’s lines of vision. In this way we can amalgamate conscious information and subconscious information, enabling us to work out customers’ real opinions and get to the root of problems, yielding insights that we use in product development.

Sensory analysis with selected panelists in R&D Division

To evaluate the taste, aroma, and texture that are all key elements of great tasting food, we have a select group of panelists in the R&D Division who create relevant data using human perception and scientific measurement. By combining these two forms of data we are able to identify the key elements required for each product and make the most of this information in product development and sales promotion.

Equipment for analyzing aroma and ingredients (gas chromatograph mass spectrometer)

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