Raw Materials

The Role of Eggs and Vinegar
in Shaping Our Future

The value of eggs lies not only in the nutrition they provide. Ever since Kewpie was founded we have been conducting continuous research aimed at making the most of eggs and all the hidden potential they offer. We found that eggs’ yolks and whites are not the only sources of value. Having discovered that many valuable properties lie dormant within eggs as a whole, including their shells and eggshell membranes, we have delivered this information to the public.

Meanwhile, our research on vinegar led us to discover acetic acid bacteria, which offer vast hidden potential, and we are pushing ahead with that research to find out all we can about the forms of value they can offer. We will continue contributing to our customers’ diets and lifestyle by researching unique raw materials such as these to generate new forms of value.

Specific Examples

Egg White Peptide and Fermented Lactic Egg White

Adding enzymes to egg white produces egg white peptide, a substance that aids recovery from exercise-induced fatigue. Furthermore, when we added lactic acid bacteria to egg white, our research findings showed that the result was fermented lactic egg white, which provides benefits including reduction of visceral fat and cholesterol, and increased muscle mass. We are pursuing research that will be of use to everybody, making full use of our unique processing technologies to add value to egg white by shedding light on its properties.


We discovered that by performing our own unique processing on lysozyme, which is one of the major proteins in egg white, it becomes highly effective in deactivating the norovirus, an extremely contagious virus that has become an issue for society. We will continue to research the mechanism by which lysozyme functions, along with other aspects of this enzyme.

Acetic Acid Bacteria

We have learned from our research findings that, in addition to their role in making vinegar, acetic acid bacteria also act to counter the effects of aging in the body (such as age-induced weakening of immunity, muscle weakness, reduction in ability to metabolize alcohol, and increased age-related body odor). We will continue exploring the properties of these bacteria still further as a means to create new value.

Aged Egg Yolk

To improve egg flavor into much more favorable one, we focused on a potentiality of Koji, or Aspergillus oryzae, which has been designated as national fungus of Japan.
Collaborating with Koji Starter manufacturer, Higuchi Matsunosuke Shoten Co., Ltd. (a Koji-leading expert in Japan), we developed a special Koji best for egg yolk.
We named it, "Egg Koji."

With the Egg Koji, we obtained enriched distinctive aroma and taste (especially Umami) we have never had before.
This is our "Aged Egg Yolk."

The aged egg yolk will give our customers new options for their recipes meeting their potential wants.
We believe the aged egg yolk will create new categories in food culture opening a door for truly better and happier everyday life.

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