into Health
and Nutrition

We contribute to healthy
diets and lifestyle for our
customers by researching
health-functional benefits and delivering the latest correct information

In order to contribute to customers’ healthy diets and lifestyle, we need to develop our products based on deeper research into health and nutrition, and provide our customers with the latest correct information. We are therefore coordinating with researchers worldwide to conduct further research into the health-functional benefits of our products, focusing on our strengths—salads and egg. We will continue helping to prolong healthier life spans for our customers by compiling and providing accurate academic data from around the world.
We do not fund, conduct, or commission animal testing in relation to health claims unless it cannot be avoided in order for us to comply with laws or regulatory requirements when no alternative testing methods are available.

Specific Examples

Research into wellness and longevity

The three major causes that make people bedridden are locomotive syndrome, metabolic syndrome, and dementia. We strongly desire to contribute to wellness and longevity through eggs and we have therefore been investigating the valuable benefits contained within eggs. For example, egg shell calcium increases bone density, egg white protein combined with exercise increases muscle mass, egg white protein also reduces visceral fat, and egg yolk lecithin combined with vitamin B12 improves dementia.

Improving diets and lifestyle from Japan to the world

We are collaborating on research with specialists around the world, motivated by a desire to seek solutions to health issues for our customers worldwide by using our own raw materials and products. In Southeast Asia, for example, incident rates of lifestyle-related diseases are increasing, and one potential cause can be limited consumption of vegetables (dietary fiber). We believe our strengths in mayonnaise and dressings will help to increase vegetable consumption. We will keep investigating local issues with our own scientific knowledge to continue contributing to healthy diets and lifestyle for our customers.

Technical public relations

Our research findings cannot contribute to healthy diets and lifestyle if no further action is taken once results are obtained. Consequently, we are endeavoring to enhance the credibility of our research by announcing the research findings we obtained using our evaluation techniques at academic conferences in Japan and overseas and submitting research papers to journals. We also engage in technical public relations, summarizing information on health-functional and nutritional test results for our customers’ benefit and communicating this to our customers through a variety of means including our website and presentations at academic conferences. Through efforts such as these we help to make our customers’ diets healthier and their lifestyles better.

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