We will enrich people’s diets
and lifestyle and create a
future of more enjoyable
food through deeper research into packages

As lifestyles have changed, our customers’ needs and eating scenarios have diversified. We are conducting R&D into packages to enable our customers to present their meals in ways that are more “user-friendly,” and fun. Moreover, we will continue to take care of many demands related to packages—including environmental sustainability, safety, reliability, among other requirements—thereby helping to enrich people’s diets and lifestyle and create a future of more enjoyable food.

Easier to Use (Dressing Containers)

The containers for Kewpie’s many types of dressing incorporate various ingenious design features, including opening easily, pouring well, being easy to grasp, and being easy to sort for recycling purposes.

Making Eating Scenarios Fun (Mayonnaise Bottle Caps)

Kewpie’s bottle caps enable the mayonnaise to be squeezed out in three different ways depending on how it is to be used.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability (Outer Packaging of Mayonnaise)

We use laser printing technology to print food expiration dates that will not fade, even if rubbed.

Associated Technologies

Giving shape to customers’ needs

We aim to turn our customers’ needs into reality precisely and speedily by proactively adopting CAE (computer aided engineering) technologies such as 3D printing and simulation analysis.

Analysis of mayonnaise bottle simulation

Universal design and environmentally friendly design

We employ universal design to enable every single customer to use our products comfortably, as well as environmentally friendly design that makes the most of limited resources.

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