Kewpie delivers the great
flavors and enjoyment of
salads and eggs to customers
the world over

In order to deliver the great flavors and enjoyment of salads and eggs to customers all over the world, our developers are assigned from Japan to overseas locations where they work in tandem with development divisions in each country to pursue R&D.

When selecting and combining ingredients, for example, they take into account certification criteria in accordance with religious precepts, such as those relating to halal food in Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, and to kosher food in the United States.

We are actively engaged in joint research with partner universities not only in Japan, but also in other countries including the United States, China, and Malaysia. We are also investing effort in activities to publicize our technologies by announcing our research outcomes through publication of papers and presentations at academic conferences in each country.

Associated Technologies

Addressing Distinct Needs Overseas

We propose options for new eating experiences by planning products to address a wide range of food-related needs relating to dietary cultures and habits, as well as religious laws.

Industry-Academia Collaboration with Overseas Universities and Research Institutes

Countries differ in terms of the criteria by which good flavor is judged and the health-related challenges they face, among other factors. We therefore conduct joint research with research institutes in each country and study the standards of flavor and health-related benefits that suit each particular dietary culture. This enables us to successfully pass on to other countries the great flavors and enjoyment of salads and eggs supplied by Kewpie.

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