In December 2018, we drew up a long-term vision as "Kewpie Group 2030 VISION" for realizing our ambition to people with better and happier smiles in their everyday lives through our business models on food and food culture.
Starting with our founder’s ambition to help improve the health and physique of Japanese people with mayonnaise, the Kewpie Group has continued to provide people with happier smiles to each dining scene in Japan and the world. We put our ideal for the next 100 years into our “2030 VISION” with our ambitions to deliver the greatest taste of salad and egg to the world by treasuring and strengthening our past 100-year history of mayonnaise and dressings. Through food and food culture, we would like to stand closer to our customers’ dietary and lifestyle, to support children’s brighter future, and to promote “Food for a smile with Kewpie” for another 100 years.

2030 VISION from 3 Perspectives

World : Leading Company for Salads and Eggs

~ Bringing Kewpie Group’s culture to the world ~
Drawing on the condiments, salad, and egg menus and technologies that it has nurtured over a history that spans 100 years, the Kewpie Group will foster a rich and healthy food culture that fits perfectly with each country and region while bringing pleasure to each dining scene.

Customers : A food partner for every person

~ Spreading out from being a food manufacturer to becoming a creator of food culture ~
Harnessing the Group’s proposal capabilities that comfortably straddle each of the home-cooked food, ready-made foods, and restaurant markets, Kewpie brings a scientific approach to each dining scene in an effort to support joyous and healthy dietary habits that match the diverse lifestyles of each individual.

Society : A supporter of bringing smiles to children through delicious food

~ Becoming a group that engages with children who are the future ~
The Kewpie Group will help realize a society brimming with children’s smiles by providing nutritional education and food experiences through internal and external activities and creating healthy living environments.

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