Distribution Business

Distribution Business :
Share of Total Sales (FY2018)

The Kewpie Group has its own specialist food distribution company, which plays an important role in ensuring that our customers can cheerfully enjoy their meals. Our distribution channels rigorously preserve the quality and freshness of foods according to their characteristics, whether they are refrigerated, frozen, or kept at room temperature or constant temperature*. This business handles every step of distribution, from transportation of raw ingredients by rail, ship, tanker truck, etc. to deliveries to supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores.

*Constant temperature refers to a state where temperature and humidity are kept within a certain range.

Targeting Sustainable Growth

We start from the premise that we will take good care of the products customers consign to us. That means we deliver products to the agreed location at the agreed time, unchanged in terms of quality or condition from the time we received them. Looking ahead, we will continue to hone our technologies and quality assurance, and extend the scope of our food distribution, to deliver added value to customers. We will also adopt the latest technologies in the new distribution bases we build, moving proactively to establish environments in which employees of all types can work with peace of mind.

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