Salad and Delicatessen Business

Salad and Delicatessen Business :
Share of Total Sales (FY2018)

Our Salad and Delicatessen Business was born from a desire to supply convenient, great-tasting salads and prepared foods. Its strengths lie in prepared foods meticulously tailored to local preferences and packaged salads made with a sharp eye for freshness. Our production facilities throughout Japan supply products to supermarkets, convenience stores, and door-to-door delivery. Changing lifestyles are spurring greater needs in this field, and we are responding by supporting healthy, enjoyable diets for our customers.

Mainstay Products

Targeting Sustainable Growth

Aspiring to be accepted and sought after by customers as their “dietary partner,” Kewpie is supplying even tastier products by bringing out the potential of vegetables, with a focus on combining great flavor with long shelf-life. By extending shelf-life we can supply products to a wide variety of sales outlets, enabling customers to buy delicious products with peace of mind whenever and wherever they like. By making these goals a reality, we aim to become a partner that supports customers in maintaining richly varied, healthy diets.

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