Condiments and Processed Foods Business

Condiments and Processed Foods Business :
Share of Total Sales

The Kewpie Group was the first business in Japan to manufacture and sell mayonnaise and dressings. We subsequently refined our cooking technologies in line with Western cultural trends to manufacture and market products that were ahead of their times. Such products included meat sauce and other ready-prepared foods, baby foods catering to babies as they grew, and nursing care foods that were easy to eat for people whose ability to chew and swallow had declined. We have extended our field of endeavor to encompass not only eating experiences of every possible kind, including meals eaten at home or in restaurants, lunch boxes and prepared foods, but also to include both Japan and overseas.

Condiments and Processed Foods Business is Kewpie’s core business; it helps customers to discover great flavors and continue enjoying them.

Mainstay Products

Aspiring to Contribute to Meals outside Japan

We target mainly China and the Southeast Asia region to pursue manufacturing and marketing of mayonnaise and other products, leveraging the capabilities in product development, menu proposal, and quality assurance that we have cultivated in the Japanese market. A commitment to local manufacturing and marketing is the unifying principle as we expand our overseas businesses. Accordingly, our aim is not only to deliver great flavors developed in Japan, but also to make products suited to local tastes that the customers in each particular country will find delicious and easy to use.

Targeting Sustainable Growth

Kewpie’s distinguishing feature as a manufacturer is the fact that it makes sauces requiring cooking, such as meat sauce and demi-glace sauce, in addition to salad condiments such as mayonnaise and dressings. Both in Japan and overseas, this enables us to propose satisfying recipes that can be cooked quickly, as well as delicious, fun ways to eat vegetables. We will continue helping to enrich customers’ diets through baby foods that cater to babies as they grow, and nursing care foods that are easy to eat for people whose ability to chew and swallow have declined.

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