Egg Business

Egg Business :
Share of Total Sales (FY2018)

This business grew out of the particular care we take in using eggs, a crucial ingredient in mayonnaise. It encompasses two fields. The first is creating user-friendly products such as liquid eggs and frozen eggs that we put into our own mayonnaise and supply to food manufacturers and restaurants as ingredients for a range of foods including bread and confectionaries. The second is transforming eggs into a diverse array of processed foods such as omelets and spreads. Developing new techniques to make the most of eggs’ unique characteristics, we will continue to expand the ways they can be used.

Mainstay Products

Targeting Sustainable Growth

We are communicating the appeal of eggs to people all over the world, using eggs to contribute to richly varied, healthy diets. We will maximize our business value by pursuing further collaboration with others inside and outside the company and rolling out more value-added products such as those employing our unique soft-boiling technology or specialty eggs.

We will seek to become the leading company in the egg market by increasing the number of people with whom we can share information about eggs, driving growth in demand as a means of advancing the egg industry worldwide.

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