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Hyaluronic acid for food use

Low molecular weight, high purity, powdered Hyaluronic acid developed using Kewpie's own technology. Acts physiologically, such as in alleviating skin inflammation.
Average molecular weight (indicative): approx. 2000
Highly pure, powdered Hyaluronic acid.
Efficacy against knee joint pain and has been confirmed by human oral ingestion tests.
Highly pure, powdered Hyaluronic acid. A substance that conforms to the Foods with Function Claims system with clinical evidence and specific to "Beauty from within" concept. Best for dietary supplements.
Low molecular weight, highly pure, powdered Hyaluronic acid developed using Kewpie's own technology. Best used for mixing with beverages.
* Average molecular weight of 50,000 or less

Egg Yolk Lecithin for Food Use

Egg Yolk Lecithin PL-30S
Egg Yolk Oil containing more than 30% of phospholipid. A golden yellow oil offering color stability even when heated.
Egg Yolk Lecithin LPL-20S
Enzyme-treated Egg Yolk Oil containing approximately 20% of lysophospholipid.
The emulsifying properties of lysophospholipid are superior to those of phospholipid.
Yolk Oil HF
Egg-Yolk-Flavored Oil extracted from the yolks of fresh eggs.

Eggshell Membrane for Food Use

EM Powder(300)
Finely-powdered Eggshell Membrane.

Egg White Ingredients for Food Use

Egg White Peptides EP-1
A white to pale yellow colored powder of chicken egg white hydrolyzed using enzymes to lower molecular weight.
Best for keeping balanced Amino acids and not coagulating when heated.
*Average molecular weight is approximately 1,100.

Other Ingredients Derived from Eggs

Egg White Lysozyme
Enzymes extracted from egg whites and white-powder food additive with slight sweetness.

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