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Products for use as raw materials in foundation cosmetics and hair care products

Hyaluronic acid for cosmetic use

Collagen cycle accelerator Hyalronic acid

A new Hyaluronic acid with super low molecular weight (Around 2,000). Promote collagen cycle and increase skin moisture.
Deeper Penetrating Hyaluronic acid

A low molecular Hyaluronic acid with average molecular weight of less than 10,000 that soaks deep into the skin horny layer and bestows moisture from inside the skin.
Adsorbent Acting Hyaluronic acid

A Hyaluronic acid with an adsorptive property which stays in hair and on skin even when rinsed with water so that moisture is sustained even after the Hyaluronic acid has been washed off.
Lamellar Structure reviving Hyaluronic acid

A Hyaluronic acid with both properties of hydrophillic and hydrophobic groups.
Enhances and revives the skin's barrier functionality (Lamellar structure of intercellular lipids and moisture fluid layers), leading to smoother skin.
Powder Series (Hyaluronsan HA−LQ, Hyaluronsan HA−LQH )
Hyaluronsan HA−LQ and Hyaluronsan HA−LQH are manufactured using a method of microbial fermentation.The products have high water and moisture retention and prevent dryness by keeping skin and hair moist.

Egg Yolk Lecithin for cosmetic Use

Egg Yolk Lecithin PL-30S
An oil-based substance that incorporates over 30% of phospholipid.
Egg Yolk Lecithin PL-100P
A powder made more stable by hydrogenating purified egg yolk phospholipids.

Egg White Ingredients for Cosmetic Use

Desugared egg white spray-dried to a powder.
Egg White Peptides EP-1
A heat stabilized powder made from egg white hydrolyzed with enzymes.
* Average molecular weight: approx. 1,000

Eggshell Membrane for Cosmetic Use

EM Protein-P
A powder soluble in water obtained from hydrolysis of Eggshell Membrane.

EM Powder(300)
A powder obtained by drying and pulverizing Eggshell Membrane.
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