Adsorbent Hyaluronic acid Hyaloveil®-P

  • Cosmetics
A new type of Hyaluronic acid for skin and hair care that supplements a moist feel in skin and shine and suppleness in hair.
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What is Hyaloveil®-P?

Hyaloveil®-P has achieved the Hyaluronic acid attributes to moisture retention and viscosity, as well as adsorption to hair and skin so that it is not washed off easily.
The Hyaluronic acid veil of moisture envelopes the hair and skin and moisture is sustained even after being washed away.

Adsorption to hair

Hyaloveil®-P adsorption to both healthy and damaged hair is superior.
* Hair treated with Hyaloveil®-P has stronger fluorescence than normal untreated hair.

The additional power of ions mean that more Hyaloveil®-P adsorbs to the hair.

Functional Hyaluronic acid for other cosmetics

Collagen cycle accelerator Hyalronic acid

A new Hyaluronic acid with super low molecular weight (Around 2,000). Promote collagen cycle and increase skin moisture.
Deeper Penetrating Hyaluronic acid

A low molecular Hyaluronic acid with average molecular weight of less than 10,000 that soaks deep into the skin horny layer and bestows moisture from inside the skin.
Adsorbent Acting Hyaluronic acid

A Hyaluronic acid with an adsorptive property which stays in hair and on skin even when rinsed with water so that moisture is sustained even after the Hyaluronic acid has been washed off.
Lamellar Structure reviving Hyaluronic acid

A Hyaluronic acid with both properties of hydrophillic and hydrophobic groups.
Enhances and revives the skin's barrier functionality (Lamellar structure of intercellular lipids and moisture fluid layers), leading to smoother skin.

Hyaluronic acid for other food and nutraceutical use

Low molecular weight, high purity, powdered Hyaluronic acid developed using Kewpie's own technology. Acts physiologically, such as in alleviating skin inflammation.
Average molecular weight (indicative): approx. 2000
Highly pure, powdered Hyaluronic acid.
Efficacy against knee joint pain and has been confirmed by human oral ingestion tests.
Highly pure, powdered Hyaluronic acid. A substance that conforms to the Foods with Function Claims system with clinical evidence and specific to "Beauty from within" concept. Best for dietary supplements.
Low molecular weight, highly pure, powdered Hyaluronic acid developed using Kewpie's own technology. Best used for mixing with beverages.
* Average molecular weight of 50,000 or less
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