Development of Hyaloveil®-P

Motivation for development

Hyaluronic acid is blended into a variety of skin care cosmetics and hair care products. Hyaluronic acid is really popular amongst women. It was our thought that letting everything wash away after just one rinse of the face or hair was a waste that led to this development.

Development challenges

It was really difficult to balance both ability for adsorption to the skin and hair and the typical feel of Hyaluronic acid.
We found that test production aimed at greater adsorption caused a decline in the rich feel typical of Hyaluronic acid, so we repeated experiments through test production and found a point at which both were in balance. The benefit of that has been that customers often tell us the product is really interesting because it feels quite different from conventional Hyaluronic acids.

Where to from here

We insisted on a simple product concept and data to back up product function. We felt it was important that the product be easy to understand and easy to explain to customers who would blend it into their own products, and to their consumers. So we came up with the simple product concept; "Adsorbent Hyaluronic acid that doesn't wash away because it adsorbs to hair and skin and continues to retain moisture".
Then we set about getting data to back up those functions of adsorbent Hyaluronic acid that doesn't wash away and that continues to retain moisture.
The product name, Hyaloveil®-P is also about that insistence because it conveys the image of a moist veil of Hyaluronic acid enveloping the skin and hair.

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