Development of Hyabest®(A)

Motivation for development

Hyaluronic acid is a fascinating substance in that its molecular weight is different, functional differented. To date the focus has been mainly on high-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid with high moisture retention properties, but as the result of much research, it has become apparent that low-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid also functions in fascinating physiological ways. Actual test productions of low-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and testing of its physiological functions revealed that low-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid has anti-inflammatory and other particular properties that led to the development of Hyabest®(A), a low-molecular weight Hyaluronic acid.

Development challenges

Hyabest®(A) has lower molecular weight than previously found Hyaluronic acid and has completely different physical properties than conventional Hyaluronic acid. It became apparent that there were a range of barriers and it was not possible to produce Hyaluronic acid easily by extrapolating from conventional manufacturing methods. By fundamentally revising the manufacturing method and continuing to explore new methods, Kewpie has been able to establish an efficient manufacturing method.

Where to from here

Kewpie has insisted on creating Hyaluronic acid at the level of minimum units as it occurs in the human intestine. It is possible that this approach will bring out more fascinating physiological functioning. Our thought is that we want our customers to experience even just a few of the benefits of Hyaluronic acid and that we want to support them to live healthy lives; that is what has driven our development.

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