Development of Hyalorepair®

Motivation for development

We conducted an in-house survey of the effects wanted in Hyaluronic acid for cosmetics. Hyalorepair® is a product that came about when many female colleagues working for Kewpie expressed the view that they wanted to use Hyaluronic acid to repair rough skin. We thought that if we could introduce a substance that would blend with oil to Hyaluronic acid, we could achieve restoration of the barrier function that preserves skin moisture and satisfy women's desire to use Hyaluronic acid to repair rough skin.

Development challenges

In our development we insisted on being able to clearly explain, the function based on dermatological science. Why Hyaluronic acid can be blended with oil and restore the skin to its original condition. We are continuing to gather research data on the action of Hyalorepair® on the skin so that it makes sense to users to use Hyalorepair®.

Where to from here

It was hard work to introduce a substance that would blend well with oil to Hyaluronic acid. Substances that blend well with oil are substances that have completely different property form Hyaluronic acid. To put together substances with different properties we needed to switch how we think. In the first stages of development no matter how hard we tried, we could not introduce that kind of substance to Hyaluronic acid, but through repeated innovation, we were able to succeed in introducing a substance that would blend with oil to Hyaluronic acid using a completely new method.

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