Development of Hyabest®(J)

Motivation for development

Hyaluronic acid is most common in several parts of the body, including the skin, the joints, and the vitreous body of the eyes. Might it be possible that Hyaluronic acid has some effect on other parts of the body, given that if it is eaten, skin dryness improves? Development began from this simple question.

Development challenges

The effects on the joints of injectable Hyaluronic acid has been the subject of many reports around the world, but at the same time there have been few reports of efficacy in the joints when Hyaluronic acid is ingested orally, and no-one had arrived at that mechanism. Where there is no information, that conversely sounds like there is potential for a world first, so Kewpie switched from trepidation to a pioneering spirit and went ahead with development. Fortunately, we are blessed with specialists who were able to give valuable advice, and product development became a series of exciting discoveries.

Where to from here

Our product embodies our insistence on understanding the nature and role of Hyaluronic acid as it is, without any preconceptions, we focused this product on not going straight to parts like joints or knees, but collating information reported in diverse domains to identify why Hyaluronic acid exists in the human body and what it does there.

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