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Lysozyme is an enzyme (protein) that hydrolizes mucopolysaccharides that comprise the cell wall in bacteria and displays bacteriolysis action against all types of bacteria. Widely distributed in the natural world, lysozyme is a biological defence substance that exists widely in the bodily fluids (e.g. tears, saliva, nasal mucus, blood) and tissues of animals, including eggs, and in plants.

Properties of egg white lysozyme

Kewpie's egg white lysozyme is a food additive separated and purified from chicken egg whites, that conforms with the definition of lysozyme published in the Japanese Standard of Food Additives. The product may be widely used to improve the storage life of fishery products, livestock products, chilled foods and confectionary, or to control microbes in processing by fermentation or enzymes.

Egg White Ingredients for Food Use

Egg White Peptides EP-1
A white to pale yellow colored powder of chicken egg white hydrolyzed using enzymes to lower molecular weight.
Best for keeping balanced Amino acids and not coagulating when heated.
*Average molecular weight is approximately 1,100.

Egg White Ingredients for Cosmetic Use

Desugared egg white spray-dried to a powder.
Egg White Peptides EP-1
A heat stabilized powder made from egg white hydrolyzed with enzymes.
* Average molecular weight: approx. 1,000

Eggshell Membrane for Food Use

EM Powder (300)
Finely-powdered Eggshell Membrane.

Eggshell Membrane for Cosmetic Use

EM Protein-P
A powder soluble in water obtained from hydrolysis of Eggshell Membrane.
EM Powder(300)
A powder obtained by drying and pulverizing Eggshell Membrane.

Other Ingredients Derived from Eggs

Egg White Lysozyme
Enzymes extracted from egg whites and white-powder food additive with slight sweetness.
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