Egg White Peptides EP-1

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  • Cosmetics
A product made heat resistant (does not solidify in response to heat), while maintaining the original balance of amino acids.
Average molecular weight is approximately 1100 and water solution is milky.
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Egg white peptide

Degrading egg white protein with enzymes results in egg white peptides in which multiple amino acids are linked.
In addition to the superior nutritional value of egg white protein itself, egg white peptides display many properties not seen in either amino acids or proteins.
Testing in animals has confirmed that egg white peptides act to inhibit increased cholesterol in the blood. It has also been confirmed that egg white peptides have antioxidation action in food products and living things.

Characteristics and function of egg white peptides

Turning egg white into peptides increases the efficiency of digestibility and absorption in the intestinal tract.

Nutritional properties

  • 1. High protein, low fat
  • 2. A protein that is superior in everything from digestion through absorption to use in the body
  • 3. Contains an abundance of branched-chain and sulfur-containing amino acids

Physiological functions

  • 1. Reported to be efficacious in reducing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol
  • 2. Reported to reduce liver fat and liver cholesterol
  • 3. Confirmed to inhibit oxidation in the body

Anti-oxidant function

Inhibits food oxidation

Nutritional properties of egg white peptide
(Product name: Egg White Peptide EP-1)

Amino acid composition of egg white peptide

We compared the amino acid composition of Egg White Peptide EP-1 (manufactured by Kewpie), egg white protein, dairy protein, and soy protein.

Amino acid composition and amino acid scores

Amino acids
(The words written in orange is Essential amino acid.)
Amino acid
Scoring pattern
Amino acid composition
Egg White Peptides EP-1 Egg White Milk protein Soybean protein
Valine ※1 220 466 460 410 300
Leucine ※1 410 560 560 620 470
Isoleucine ※1 180 343 350 340 290
Methionine ※1 160 232 250 170 90
Cyctine ※2 174 200 57 99
Lysine 360 445 430 520 390
Phenylalanine 390 401 380 300 330
Tyrosine 276 250 240 210
Threonine 210 287 280 260 230
Tryptophan 70 93 98 83 79
Histidine 120 162 160 180 170
Amino acid score - 100 100 100 100

mg/g Nitorogen
Revised Tables of Amino Acid Composition of Foods by Resource Survey
Association and Resource Survey Center, Japan Science and Technology
*1 branched-chain amino acid (BCAA)
*2 sulfur-containing amino acid

Egg White Peptides EP-1 has a good amino acid balance and is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and sulfur-containing amino acids.

Egg White Ingredients for Food Use

Egg White Peptides EP-1
A white to pale yellow colored powder of chicken egg white hydrolyzed using enzymes to lower molecular weight.
Best for keeping balanced Amino acids and not coagulating when heated.
*Average molecular weight is approximately 1,100.

Egg White Ingredients
for Cosmetic Use

Desugared egg white spray-dried to a powder.
Egg White Peptides EP-1
A heat stabilized powder made from egg white hydrolyzed with enzymes.
* Average molecular weight: approx. 1,000

Eggshell Membrane for Food Use

EM Powder (300)
Finely-powdered Eggshell Membrane.

Eggshell Membrane for Cosmetic Use

EM Protein-P
A powder soluble in water obtained from hydrolysis of Eggshell Membrane.
EM Powder(300)
A powder obtained by drying and pulverizing Eggshell Membrane.

Other Ingredients Derived from Eggs

Egg White Lysozyme
Enzymes extracted from egg whites and white-powder food additive with slight sweetness.
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