Topic⑤ All Group members will accept,
and learn from, one another
in pursuit of a sustainable society and
Group growth in accordance with the Group philosophy.

Priority Issues: Promotion of diversity

In 2017 Kewpie launched the inaugural issue of Nanairo, a wall newspaper, with the objective of making diversity a familiar topic for employees. Published three times a year, the paper is placed on wall displays at all Group facilities.

Corporate and working environments are changing in unprecedented ways. Under these conditions, the Group has promoted its corporate philosophies, including its corporate motto of RAKU-GYOU-KAI-ETSU. We also encourage Group members to listen to each other and work energetically while placing high importance on a corporate culture of conveying gratitude. Our diverse human resources encourage Group growth by accepting and learning from one another, which will lead to individual growth and new value-creating innovations to lead a richer society.

Societal needs

  • Creating worthy workplaces for everyone

Resolving problems

  • Creating new work styles and environments where diverse human resources can work comfortably and grow, giving birth to new social values

Promoting Diversity

Everyone joining forces and pursuing shared goals

We value listening to and pursuing dialogue with our coworkers. The Kewpie Group has facilities in operation nationwide and engages many part-time and temporary employees. Our employees all support our workplaces and enjoy opportunities to learn about our Group's philosophy and history. All of our manufacturing facilities as well as our head office and branches hold joint Group training sessions and social gatherings that allow employees to participate in direct dialogue with our CEO and directors. Each and every employee thus gains opportunities to develop empathy for our corporate philosophy and engage in worthwhile, rewarding work.

A gathering underway in the room for philosophy training at Mirai Tamago, a company training facility in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo. Each Group firm involved with our delicatessen products business began holding these gatherings in 2015 and currently hold them around 10 times a year (two-day events with a one-night stayover, except during periods of peak business).

Striving to create workplaces where everyone will be able to continue working

The Kewpie Group believes that it has a social mission to create workplace environments that enable employees with disabilities to experience the joys of work and a purpose in life. To that end, it has established ties with support institutions and schools for special education and actively employs people with disabilities. In 2017, its employment rate for people with disabilities reached 3.3 percent of its total workforce. The manufacturing plants for our egg products and delicatessen products businesses have developed workplace environments that enable people with disabilities to access the site and work there. Working together in the same workplace also contributes to the awareness and personal growth of employees without disabilities. Kewpie employees with disabilities are demonstrating their expertise at Kewpie Ai, a special subsidiary that has branched out into a diverse array of operations including the preparation of digital documentation, creation and shipping of promotional materials, internal logistics, and building sanitation.

Washing fresh eggs in the water tank for an egg-shelling line at the Kewpie Egg Corp. facility. The eggs have to be handled with care because their shells can easily crack. This task demands perseverance because it also has to be performed with a certain measure of speed. Employees with disabilities who are skilled at tasks of this nature are paired with employees without disabilities and work together.

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