Initiatives for New Challenges

The Kewpie Group is actively fostering a culture for the creation of new challenges by promoting wide-ranging research and development of mayonnaise, dressings, and even eggs and vegetables, and pursuing systems for the creation of innovations in products and reforming working styles. While also taking advantage of outside help, we use Group cooperation to achieve maximum synergies, to create new value and to respond to the expectations of our stakeholders.

Kewpie Start Up Program

We have established the Kewpie Start Up Program with the aims of realizing individual employees’ ideas and creating new businesses. Participants have the opportunity to form networks of mentors that transcend divisions, which will help them to upgrade their skills and advance their careers.

YOITOKI acetic acid bacteria enzyme supplement

The Kewpie Group has conducted continuous research into vinegar, one of the main ingredients of mayonnaise. The new product, YOITOKI, is the world’s first product to come from the mass production of acetic acid bacteria enzymes.

Complex for hands-on experiences of the appeal of vegetables

Fukaya Terrace Farm (provisional name), a complex where visitors can gain hands-on experiences of the appeal of vegetables, is due to open in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture, in 2020. The commercialization of this facility is underway, taking advantage of the Kewpie Group’s knowledge and expertise regarding vegetables and eggs.

Innovations in Working Styles

The Kewpie Group is pursuing innovations in working styles with a dual focus on “creating new connections” and the “simplification of processes.” In addition to raising individual productivity, by creating synergies that transcend the boundaries of departments, divisions, and companies, we will make proposals for new food and dietary ideas to customers and business partners with the aim of the growth of individuals and companies.

Speedy product development made possible by working style innovations

K Blanche, an alcohol disinfectant kitchen spray containing proprietary egg-derived ingredients, was launched in October 2016. Thanks to the working style that “creates new connections,” a diverse range of team members were able to hold timely, lively conversations, leading to speedy product development.

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